Thank you for publishing the full resignation letter of Matthew P. Hoh from the U.S. Foreign Service. I was able to get more info from and send that info to my husband who is working in Ghana.

His contract is up soon and he is looking for his next job. He jokingly (I think) emailed me that USAID is looking for people in Afghanistan.

I joined the Peace Corps in 1967, asking for posting either to Afghanistan or Iran. I spent two years in Iran and traveled overland through Afghanistan on break. It was a lovely country with kind people. If foreign invaders, like Russia and the U.S., would leave them alone, they would go on as they have for centuries. They are happy without "democracy" as we know it here. The villagers have every reason not to trust Kabul.

We must change our policy there and not commit any more troops and bring our military home. We need to keep a closer eye on Pakistan. Read "Three Cups of Tea" and see how to really help the Afghan people. The author, Greg Mortenson, who has been interviewed many times, said, when asked, what he thought of Musharaf (Pakistan's former president). He said "He's corrupt!" and he should know, as he was trying to build schools in Afghanistan and Pakistan.

Pakistan is where the problem is and where our energies should be directed.