• Letter to the editor: Registering vs. wealth and position

    Maybe things have changed. Apparently they have. As reported by several reliable sources, three of the four Trump children have never registered to vote. That is their choice. One, Ivanka Trump, was featured in a TV campaign aired in several states geared to get out the vote for her father Donald

  • Linda Esquivel of Bakersfield attends UCLA this fall and recently completed predoctoral humanities programs at the University of Michigan and Penn State.

    Community Voices: Oh, the Places You’ll Go: My life with history

    At the University of Michigan’s Special Collections located on the eighth floor of the Shapiro Library the nearest window provides a perfect view overlooking Ann Arbor. After hours of researching, I paused to take a few minutes to watch the city and imagine my life there as a graduate student. As

  • Letter to the editor: Similar campaign strategies

    The best case for Hillary Clinton is "Never Trump"; Donald Trump's best case is "Never Hillary,” a situation that immediately gives each of them about 66 percent of the vote. An appropriate campaign gimmick for each: "Vote For Me" barf bags. Orville

  • Letter to the editor: Holes in this wall

    If we are going to build a wall between the U.S. and Mexico it will be almost two thousand miles long from the Pacific to the Texas border. It will take several years and cost many billions of dollars. Mexico doesn’t have that kind of money so where will it come from? Will the American taxpayer be

  • Letter to the editor: GOP got hijacked

    Well, beyond all odds, he's done it. The least plausible presidential candidate for the Republican Party has been nominated! There was a massive group of candidates, as we recall from the outrageous debates. At least two of those, John Kasich and Jeb Bush, were viable options. The newly

  • Letter to the editor: Expecting gusts of extremely warm air

    I read where an historic band of hot weather is predicted to hit the U.S. in many cities today. I wonder if it is caused by all the hot air being released from the Quicken Loans Convention Center in Cleveland. John M. Ulman II Bakersfield

  • Letter to the editor: Let's elect None of the Above

    This presidential election year will go into the record books as having the two most unqualified candidates of all time.  What a choice we have — a racist or a blatant liar. If ever there was a reason to add “none of the about” to the ballot, Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton definitely

  • Michael Gerson

    Mike Pence pushes an imaginary and corrupt narrative

    On a national convention stage that includes the kettledrum personalities of Sen. Ted Cruz and Donald Trump, Indiana Gov. Mike Pence is more in the snare or bongo category. His speech to the convention on Wednesday night took a quieter, more sophisticated approach to the campaign (at least when

  • Betty L. Kouklis, 89, is retired from a family business. She came to the Delano area in 1933, was active in school PTA and has participated in many civic activities including Delano's Centennial book.

    Community Voice: Why is it so hard to get legislators to address AB 1513?

    Do legislators personally read every correspondence that comes to their office, or does someone there decide whether it is worth their attention? In March I wrote to several Assembly and Senate members regarding an issue, AB 1513, that concerns every employer in the state who has paid piece

  • handout photograph of Nick Strobel for column.

    Community Voice: A road for community college students: BC’s GPS

    When I was on vacation recently I rented a car with the optional plug-in GPS unit. What a handy unit! This is like what Bakersfield College is putting in place to get our students to complete their degrees faster than the usual, traditional way. BC is one of just 30 colleges nationwide selected to

  • Brik_McDill, columnist.

    Community Voice: US cynicism toward all things political deservedly deep

    Bill Clinton’s Secret Service  detail instructed the press at Arizona’s Sky Harbor: no photos, no interviews, no coverage. That the press wouldn’t put out something about the outrageous confab between the Attorney General and the former president whose wife was under investigation by the

  • Letter to the editor: Are we that gullible? Evidently

    Congratulations, Lt. Gov. Gavin Newsom, on getting your bill passed requiring Californians to undergo background checks before they can buy ammunition. But why stop there, Gavin? Since lots of folks get killed by cars and trucks, why not require background checks to buy a car or truck? How about

  • Mick Gleason

    Community Voices: County government's daunting budgetary challenge

    To say that Kern County faces a challenging budget is a gross understatement. The $81 million loss of oil and gas property tax revenue over the past two years has been staggering, by far the largest decline in Kern County history. These revenue losses are here to stay and may never be fully

  • Letter to the editor: Budget woes? Simply cut pork

    The cow has gone dry. That is why the proposed library tax was defeated. Now, the sheriff and the county fire department want more tax money and others want a bond to build a new community college in Arvin. Wake up. Our taxes are at an all time high. I suggest the City of Bakersfield and the

  • Letter to the editor: County budget woes part II

    I know little of the workings of Kern County Fire Department’s staffing policies. Nor their budget structure in general. James Burger’s excellent article in The Californian about the county fire department and the ongoing budget fight was most informative. Speaking of overtime, according