• Grieving for lions and babies

    Where are the people and children laying dolls at the doors of abortion clinics to protest the lives lost from abortion and then dissected? Yet I see massive news coverage of people protesting and parents ushering their children to lay stuffed toy lions to protest the killing of one lion. Where is

  • Planned Parenthood's benign facade

    Anyone with an ounce of compassion must've been sickened by the graphic videos showing the expose' of Planned Parenthood higher-ups discussing the marketing of vital baby parts over lunch. The San Jose Mercury News’ editorial, “Video of Planned Parenthood grossly misleading,” published in

  • Recycle this! Seattle's trash-sorting police overreach

    In most households there is a guardian of the recycling bin. This sell-anointed guru of garbage maintains constant surveillance over what is tossed into the bin and what winds up in the regular garbage. He or she has memorized the precise rules from the municipal recycling entity. In a phrase:

  • Coherent morality

    After reading David Keranen's Community Voices article, some letters in response, and some outside info, I think I've got God's morality figured out: He created two imperfect people. Tested them. When they failed, as he knew they would, he punished them. Much later, after their sons

  • Illegal fireworks citations

    I loved the joke The Bakersfield Californian told in its Aug. 1 edition: “More than half of illegal fireworks citations in ’15 were reduced by the court.” Well, city council members, how funny was the overtime pay authorized to enforce the ban on illegal fireworks? How hilarious was it when you

  • Trump the phenomenon: A flesh and blood person or a political projection?

    Is Donald Trump, in his current incarnation, a tangibility or an invention imagined and unreal? Is he real or a wish-fulfilling cultural archetype as insubstantial and airy as a dreamt-up hero-saint that never was nor ever could be? Who is the man, and of what is our political hunger made that

  • Inhumane detention of women and children needs to stop

    Last summer's flood of immigrants, particularly children, fleeing murderous gang violence in Latin America and the subsequent hapless handling of this humanitarian crisis by the Department of Homeland Security faded from the public consciousness over the winter. Thankfully, it's front and

  • Not all outcomes are happy

    I rejoice for Caroline O. Reid, the woman who wrote the July 30 Community Voices article in which she described a pregnancy fraught with serious threats to her health, and potentially to that of her unborn child. She chose not to abort the pregnancy and was blessed with a healthy baby who has grown

  • Senate Republicans promoting abortion?

    Senate Republicans, teeming with righteous indignation, last week introduced S. 1881, "a bill to prohibit federal funding of Planned Parenthood of America." Here's a better name for it: the Abortion Promotion Act of 2015. No doubt the authors of the legislation think that anything

  • Concentrate on right now

    The confederate flags are down now. Isn't it time to put the Confederacy in the past where it belongs? The Democrats are now trying to change the name of the Jefferson-Jackson dinner to the Truman dinner. Are they trying to change history? It can't be done. They should be concentrating on

  • Boxer-McConnell transportation bill worth pursuing

    The my-way-or-the-highway approach to transportation funding in Washington needs to end. It's essential to the Bay Area that Congress pass a long-term plan so that the federal share of critically-needed BART, CalTrain and road projects is secure and predictable. But on Wednesday, the House

  • Gina Barreca of the Hartford Courant

    The nagging wonder about 'better looking'

    You could say my lack of vanity makes me very proud. And then you could laugh. It's true that I clean up just fine for special occasions. I have six outfits I can wear doing anything, from giving the opening night lecture at the Women's Campaign School at Yale to offering emotional support

  • A GOP led by Trump will fail, and deserve it

    At this point in the 2016 presidential campaign, the noble, elusive stag of political rhetoric is pretty much road kill. This judgment is unfair to a few candidates -- Rick Perry, Jeb Bush and Marco Rubio come to mind -- delivering thoughtful speeches. But in portions of the Republican field, the

  • There's nothing academic about campus rape

     “The price of a college education should never be the risk of a sexual assault," Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand, D-N.Y., told a Senate hearing Wednesday. Too many colleges don't treat rape, she observed, as "the violent felony that it actually is." Her solution is the bipartisan

  • Raise funds, see the boxcar

    I have a special tip for Merle Haggard fans. Participating in the Valley Fever Walk on Saturday, Aug. 8, will provide the opportunity to see the Haggard family boxcar at its new location. The $20 registration fee for the walk includes entry to Pioneer Village. Another plus? The Walk begins with

  • Going out of our way to slay a Cecil should be out of bounds

    "Until the lion tells his side of the story, the tale of the hunt will always glorify the hunter." -- African proverb On the ledger of global outrages, the killing of Cecil the lion outside of a Zimbabwe national park should barely register. What is the fate of one big cat compared

  • A misguided crackdown on sanctuary cities

    For Francisco Lopez-Sanchez, the border between the U.S. and Mexico was more like a revolving door. He was deported in 1994, 1997, 1998, 2003 and 2009. He should have been deported again earlier this year, after he finished his third prison sentence for illegal re-entry. Instead, he was turned

  • Thanks to those who cared

    To all our family members, friends, colleagues, and supporters throughout the community, the men and women of the Bakersfield Police Officers Association are deeply appreciative of the overwhelming support shown following the recent line-of-duty death of BPD Officer David Nelson. Since