• SOUND OFF: Lois thinks she can take on the Times, huh?

    Reader: So Californian columnist Lois Henry thinks the L.A. Times dropped the ball (“Let’s stick to skeptical reporting, not scare tactics,” July 12). Hmmmm. Perhaps their hands and arms were too full holding on to all those Pulitzer Prizes. — Matthew Clinton Jett Price: I don’t know how the Los

  • The toxic world view of Ta-Nehisi Coates

    Moses gave us the Ten Commandments. Paul gave us the Epistles. And Ta-Nehisi gave us "Between the World and Me." The new book by Atlantic writer Ta-Nehisi Coates, in the form of a letter to his son, has been greeted with a rapturous reception that brooks no dissent. What everyone says

  • Richard D. Chapman

    An oil permitting structure for a healthy community and strong economy

    The oil and gas industry has been a powerful force in Kern County’s economy for more than 100 years. Today, the local industry has reached a watershed moment as it struggles to safely, effectively, and yes, profitably, continue its efforts in Kern County while meeting the stringent

  • US is fighting the wrong war at its southern border

    The nature of migration in the Americas is changing. Yet U.S. immigration policy, and its $18 billion-a- year cost, is not. In 2014, for the first time in history, more non-Mexicans than Mexicans were apprehended as they crossed the U.S. southern border. U.S. authorities were wholly unprepared for

  • Elephants and karma

    Sorry, but the elephant owners’ decision to pull out of the Kern County Fair is not a victory for anyone. I believe in everybody having a right to say what they want to. It is USA! But when people make threats, that is terrorism! Point blank. The family that owns the elephants decided not to come

  • Confederates and Breckenridge Mountain

    The Californian’s editorial of July 21, “California’s Confederate history can’t be erased,”  on the potential state-level abolition (no pun intended) of historic names associated with Confederate history, was excellent. Your recommendation that such decisions be made at the local

  • Kerry can identify with McCain

    Everyone seems so surprised that Donald Trump is number one in a field of 17 people running for the Republican nomination for President of the United States. Have you taken a look at the pack that is jammed into the most recent Republican clown car? Didn't think the 2012 car could ever be

  • Home schooling has value

    Homeschooling needs to remain a legal right as accredited education in California. Common Core has redefined public schools as a national standardized test. Public schools under California Board of Education have suspended the Academic Performance Index due to implementation of Common Core. A.P.I

  • Obama needs to provide better answers on Iran deal

    Of all the arguments against this week's deal to restrict Iran's nuclear program, the strongest may be that it has an expiration date. U.S. President Barack Obama confronted this criticism in his press conference about the agreement: "That's a good one," he said, without

  • Defending the indefensible, and other other thoughts on the media

    Not that you care, but allow me to confess that I am part of the media. Not only that, but I am often proud of it. I'm also often embarrassed. What makes me really happy, though, is that most people hate us. I guess that makes me a sociopath. Don't waste your time accusing me of being one;

  • Obama kneecaps Congress (yes, again)

    If only President Barack Obama were as hard-nosed and clever in undermining our adversaries as he is in kneecapping the U.S. Congress, the country's strategic position might be transformed. The Iran deal went to the United Nations Security Council for approval Monday, months before Congress

  • Insist on carbon-free legislation

    Thank you for Kate Galbraith’s July 19 article “Climate change: A rough road lies ahead as California struggles to meet its greenhouse gas emission goals,” which recounted arguments for and against California’s governors' valiant efforts to lead the USA and world governments to cut

  • Sgt. Schultz is running the US

    The Chattanooga “Gunman’s motives remain a mystery”? Really? This is a joke, perpetrated by the government. (This is our government?) Apparently, the USA is being run by a clown who says that America is “recovering” from the 200-plus years of hateful slavery/oppression by white people,

  • We can be green and still prosper

    Kudos to The Bakersfield Californian for such a comprehensive report on climate change and California policy. As Kate Galbraith states in her July 19 article, “Climate change: A rough road lies ahead as California struggles to meet its greenhouse gas emission goals”: "To stop climate

  • Proud California is leading the way

    I am so pleased to see The Californian take up the subject of climate change in the two part effort by CALmatters. Climate change is the issue of our age. Action is needed and long overdue. Kate Galbraith’s July 19 article, “Climate change: A rough road lies ahead as California struggles to meet

  • Consider the Shultz/Becker plan

    This letter is in response to Kate Galbraith’s July 19 article, “Climate change: A rough road lies ahead as California struggles to meet its greenhouse gas emission goals.” Carbon emissions are not a tailpipe problem, they’re a wellhead problem. Producers bring it in by ship and pump it out of

  • Love or condemnation? Choice is clear

    I’m concerned about a pattern of reactions some members of our community are showing to recent news events. I’m wondering if we’ve lost sight of the possibility that our opinions might be simply opinions and not statements of ultimate truth. For example, I was reared in a faith that allows eating