• Here's where you can put your reboot

    I agree with the premise of the April 22 article “Our welfare system needs a serious reboot” by Danny Morrison, but were of the things he didn't mention was childcare needs and the fathers who helped make this situation for single mothers. A woman cannot work without childcare at all but

  • We can't harvest from our own yard

    Note to all prospective mayors and any other politicians who mention jobs and new businesses in their candidate interviews: You can scratch that objective from your top-three list. If our city council can't harvest economic growth from its own backyard, any thought of our city appearing

  • Tom Frantz

    Weakening the Clean Air Act is a really bad idea

    I would like to thank Lois Henry for calling attention to HR4775, aka the Clean Air Act Modernization Bill, sponsored by our own Kevin McCarthy. For once, McCarthy is trying to move something that will dramatically affect the lives of all Kern County residents. Unfortunately, it is not in a good

  • More than a little sand

    One of the chores that must be done at the end of every Relay for Life is the disposing of all the luminaria bags. There is something poignant and ironic that these little symbols of hope and remembrance have to be systematically emptied and thrown away after so much effort was made to put them

  • Teens and restrooms

    I have a few questions for all parents of teens and preteens.  Do you enter the bathroom when your teen or preteen is using it just because you can? Do you use the toilet when they are in the bathroom? Do you change your clothes or take a shower when they are in the bathroom?

  • Solar panels a learning experience

    As a retired teacher from Centennial High School, I still go to the school frequently to visit friends and work with students. I noticed that the parking lot has newly constructed solar panels above the student cars. What a great learning experience for students. A science lesson above their cars.

  • David Krause is president of Wonderful Citrus.

    Local growers can improve hunger situation in Kern County

    Wonderful Citrus, part of The Wonderful Company, is headquartered in Delano, and America’s largest integrated grower, shipper and packer of fresh citrus, including Wonderful Halos mandarins and Wonderful Sweet Scarletts Texas Red grapefruit. Almonds, pistachios, citrus – look around and you can

  • Who opposes Measure F?

    On June 7, we will have an opportunity to establish a dedicated revenue stream for the Kern County libraries by approving a one-eighth-cent cent sale tax, Measure F. This very nominal tax provides an essential dedicated revenue base for one of the major public goods the County provides to its

  • Brik McDill, PhD. is a retired psychologist

    The false correlation of poverty and crime

    Ah the power and wonder of messy thinking and the false correlation of poverty and crime. “If only we had jobs we wouldn’t be out doing crime…” they say. Says who? Who is out doing the biggest and most crippling crimes? Answer: Highly educated white collar criminals ensconced in cushy jobs with sky-

  • Dr. Richard Gearhart is an Assistant Professor of Economics at California State University, Bakersfield.

    Negative impacts of minimum wage hike may be higher in Kern

    By 2018, the new minimum wage in California will be $11, a 10-percent increase in the current rate. By 2022, it will be $15, the highest in the country at the state level. Though there have been city-specific minimum wage increases beyond the federal and state level, a large statewide increase in

  • December 2016

    It's not lung cancer or spider bites: It's Cocci, and it's killing

    Can you imagine fighting every day through extreme weakness and pain to care for your children, to go to work, or just to keep breathing? Valley Fever can do that to you. Now imagine the frustration of knowing there is a potential cure sitting on a shelf somewhere just waiting for the

  • Gary Garcia of Wasco is a former agriculture instructor who is now in the almond industry, as well as a humorist want-to-be.

    Cow burps: Let's put a cork in it

    I used to frequent a bar on the Upper East Side. This wasn’t Manhattan’s Upper East Side, it was in Bakersfield. The joint was called Amestoy’s On The Hill. It was a place like “Cheers” in the daytime, a place where everyone knew your name, and it was like Bourbon Street during Mardi

  • Richard Young

    How could Obamacare predictions be so wrong?

    The president wants Obamacare to be his legacy achievement. It may well be. Admittedly, it will be hard to choose between blowing up the American health care system, blowing up the Middle East and blowing up relations with our allies when selecting his crowning achievement. But for the moment —

  • Ray Gonzales

    As Flint's water goes, so goes California's

    Like all Americans, Californians feel a combination of shock and anger at the unfolding water crisis in Flint, Mich. During the past few months, we learned that local officials sworn to protect Flint instead ignored obvious signs of crisis and allowed poisonous water to flow into school drinking

  • No respect for artists

    Wow! What a slap in the face to all artists! The April 18 edition of Ask TBC answered the question, “What is the 150th anniversary celebration costing the county?” The answer was $55,000. Then the article proceeded to break down that cost: $12,558 for radio advertising, $5,877 for billboards, $8,

  • Lisa S. Green is the Kern County District Attorney, elected in 2011

    Brown's initiative does crime victims no favors

    “Serving Victims. Building Trust. Restoring Hope.” This is the official theme for the 2016 National Crime Victims’ Rights Week, and it underscores the importance of establishing trust with victims. Every April, Crime Victims’ Rights Week brings attention to the plight of those falling prey to the

  • Trayvon Martin and OJ Simpson

    I attended the Tracy Martin lecture Tuesday night at CSU Bakersfield, presented by the Kegley Institute of Ethics. I was impressed and thankful that CSUB could bring Martin to Bakersfield to speak in front of a full crowd. It was very sad to hear Martin talk about his son Trayvon and how some

  • Former deputy was treated fairly

    Well, the criminal case involving former KCSO Deputy Edward Tucker is over. So many people believe he received some type of special consideration because he was a deputy. These people do not understand the way the criminal justice system works, which is not surprising. By all accounts, Tucker was