• McCarthy is dodging debate

    In April, the Bakersfield Tea Party, a local organization, unaffiliated with any national Tea Party, offered to hold a debate at its monthly meeting between Republican candidates Ken Mettler and Kevin McCarthy, the Republicans who are running for the 23rd U.S. Congressional District seat.

  • Social services hides the truth

    I want to thank Lois Henry and The Californian for printing the column defending open records of child abuse investigations (”Agency would rather protect its rear than care for kids,” May 22). As a former Social Service Worker III with the Kern County Department of Human Services, I can confirm

  • Think before you serve the public

    Richard Young, in his May 23 op-ed, “Sampling the sweet cake of government tyrants,” on the discrimination ruling in Oregon, incorrectly stated why the baker was fined. He indicates that gay marriage was not legal in Oregon when they refused to bake a cake for their wedding. However, the company

  • A novel solution: Try walking

    I agree with the content of the May 16 letter “Compact car parking" and would go further as to suggest an innovative solution: Park 100-plus yards away. (In golf parlance, a 9 iron for hackers like me.) This would achieve the following benefits: 1. You will find plenty of spaces. 2. You will

  • Miguel Nidever grew up in McFarland and worked in Mexico for seven years managing a ranch. He has been a Spanish medical interpreter for the last 10 years.

    Why I am leaving the Republican Party

    How is it possible, I ask, that the Party of Lincoln has abandoned principle and conviction, and made its primary focus winning elections and maintaining power? While many Northerners favored a compromise with the Confederacy, Abraham Lincoln held tenaciously to his conviction that the Union was

  • Measure F invests in strong minds

    On June 7, the people of Kern County have an opportunity to make an investment in our future. Measure F will create a dedicated revenue stream, overseen by a committee of private citizens, to fund the library system. Is this a good idea? Absolutely. There is a direct connection between public

  • Sweltering plea: Vote yes on F

    I had the opportunity to go to a Kern County Genealogical Society meeting recently. Going through the front doors, which were all wide open, I was met with sweltering air. The second floor, where the meeting was held, was much worse. Heat rises. I went into the small room, where the only door was

  • Patsy Ouellette is a retired teacher.  FOR A COMMUNITY VOICES ARTICLE: Patsy Ouellette of Bakersfield is a former eighth-grade English teacher at Norris Middle School.

    Erectile dysfunction and heart disease have common links

    If you are not a man, or, if you are a man but you don’t care about having sex into your 40s, 50s, and beyond, you can stop reading this. But if you’re like most men, you have a healthy interest in sex. After all, it is one of our strongest physical drivers. (You know, protecting the

  • The responsibility of voting

    Voting is a topic that I believe people don’t give proper attention to. Voting is a Constitutional right and responsibility for all Americans. It is your right and obligation to decide whether you will vote and who that will be for. The responsibility to elect a President, local political leader or

  • We are losing our liberty with new gun bills

    Once again the fascists in Sacramento have attacked our Second Amendment rights by passing a slew of gun control bills that are headed to the governor for signature. I am not sure of what part of "shall not be infringed" they don't understand, but there is obviously a comprehension

  • Zimmerman: an embarrassment to humanity

    Trayvon Martin's killer — I won't dignify him by using his name — is an absolute reprobate. It's bad enough that he murdered someone and got away with it, and now he's "honored and humbled to announce" the sale of the "piece of American history" that he used to

  • How about local user-librarians?

    I understand that one of main arguments against Measure F, the library sales tax proposal, is that the suggested private contractor vendor pays lower wages than the county currently does. Recently I noticed the Public Library on Baker Street is indeed open in afternoon and into evening when most

  • Oil and water don't mix

    Regarding the May 13 article regarding tentative support by state regulators to broaden an oil field injection zone in the Round Mountain oilfield, here’s a little history. Many years ago, EPA contracted with DOGGR to manage the Class II Injection Well Program in California. A few years

  • Library problems not specified

    I urge voting no on Measure F. We should not throw money away speculating on what problems will be resolved by increasing taxes. What problem does this measure resolve and how is the success to be judged? Neither of these questions are mentioned in the measure. Tax more, spend more seems to

  • Indications of a dying village

    I’m sad to say that our village is dying. Families no longer live in harmony. You can't tell a neighbor what you saw their child doing. We see parents defending children, even knowing they have done wrong. We see parents depending on the school to discipline their children. We see a society

  • Thanks for the 100th birthday party

    My family put on a tremendous 100th birthday party for me that I will never forget. Over 100 people attended. They were from all various groups that I have been associated with at some time: Kiwanis, church, FFA students, Mended Hearts, 60 + Club, Elderhostel, Elder College and Methodist MYF. Then

  • Thanks from America's hungry

    The National Association of Letter Carriers conducted its 24rd annual food drive May 14. It is the nation’s largest single-day food drive, and is held annually on the second Saturday in May in 10,000 cities and towns in all 50 states, the District of Columbia, Puerto Rico, the Virgin Islands and

  • Tom Pavich is a Kern County businessman, farmer and Bakersfield Tea Party member.

    Tea Party member: Vote no on Measure F

    Public employees in Kern County are vocally supporting a new library tax, but what’s in it for the taxpayers? Although I strongly support the concept of a public library, I believe that Kern’s library system is indeed outdated and outmoded. The answer to fix the problem isn’t always more money –