• Barry Rosenfeld of Bakersfield is a chartered financial consultant, assistance planner and chartered life underwriter.

    Planning for the needs of a special needs love one

    The Bakersfield Californian printed a wonderful article on Aug. 21 titled, “What happens to developmentally disabled as caregivers age, die?” In the article, a 67-year-old mother described her grave concern about what will happen to her 22-year-old with cerebral palsy and intellectual

  • Angelo A. Haddad is a lifelong resident of Bakersfield, a Retired Command in the Coast Guard Reserve, and a Eucharistic Lay Minister at Trinity Anglican Church.

    Coarseness trumps corruption: It's about the Supreme Court, folks!

    Republican presidential nominee Donald J. Trump has been denounced, criticized, pilloried, vilified, and lambasted since he announced his candidacy last June. His unfiltered politically incorrect speech has elicited his characterization as arrogant, braggadocios, buffoonish, stupid, unfit,

  • OUR VIEW: Vote NO: Prop. 53 is not taxpayer ‘protection’

    The wealthy Stockton farmer who is bankrolling Prop. 53 on the November ballot would have us believe his “No Blank Checks Initiative” is all about stopping legislators and government officials from driving up the state’s debt. In reality, it is his ploy to stop the construction of a state public

  • Ricardo G. Chávez is the mayor of the city of Delano.

    Delano residents ask for Assemblymember Salas to vote for clean air

    Delano has a long, proud history of organizing for positive change, including legendary farmworker organization efforts that made Cesar Chavez and Dolores Huerta household names. In that beautiful spirit of “Sí, se puede,” I was proud to speak at a town hall event on health, climate change,

  • Margaret Emerson is a final year student pharmacist at LECOM Bradenton School of Pharmacy. She is from Bakersfield, CA and previously attended Cal State Bakersfield.

    Heat, humidity, and asthma management

    August is a challenging month for asthma patients living in Bakersfield. The high heat and humidity levels cause air pollution and smog to stick around and trigger symptoms. Bakersfield is located at the end of the San Joaquin Valley and is bordered by three mountain ranges, which

  • Letter to the editor: At least one person did the right things at KHSD

    It’s amazing the beating law enforcement is getting these days. If it’s not Black Lives Matter, it’s the Kern High School District. Our communities want law enforcement to do the right thing and a glowing example of “doing the right thing” was how Kern High School Police Chief Joe Lopetegy Blew the

  • Letter to the editor: Something needs to be done

    I read the article about the battle the family has with HealthNet medical insurance over their daughter’s cancer treatment. I feel for them, because my family also has a battle with insurance. My son is 44 years old and has been unemployed for two years. It’s been impossible to find work. My

  • Elizabeth Smith is a local and a concerned community member regarding the homeless population, and children going back to school unprepared.

    Community Voice: Homeless kids going back to school this week too

    It’s that time of year again when children of all ages head back to school. Parents are relieved and students are anxious about what’s in store for them in the new school year. Approximately 181,393 students are enrolled in K-12 within Kern County schools alone and will be returning or entering

  • Mick Gleason, Chairman of the Kern County Board Of Supervisors, leads a discussion on pending budget cuts Tuesday morning.

    Community Voice: The County remains committed to public safety

    While the County of Kern faces a severe decline in revenue due to an unprecedented loss of oil and gas property tax, make no mistake, the County continues to be dedicated to funding public safety. Public safety is delivered in many forms. We are all familiar with the deputy who arrests

  • Letter to the editor: We have more lifesaving work to do

    Cancer will claim an estimated 59,060 lives in California this year. Yet, research shows that we could prevent roughly half of those cancer deaths if everyone were to stop using tobacco products, eat well, exercise regularly and get recommended cancer screenings. But it’s not just about personal

  • Letter to the editor: Have I lost my sense of humor?

    Ever since my first attempt at early retirement 22 years ago, my early morning routine has been to read the comics accompanied by a cup of black coffee, preferably Colombian. This would put me in a good mood before tackling the daily puzzles in the paper, and facing the challenges of the day.

  • Bill Walker has been appointed director of Mental Health Services for Kern County.

    Community Voice: Share positive stories about school with your kids

    Truancy statistics in Kern County can be overwhelming. Discovering that absences cost our schools nearly $47 million in funding in the 2014-15 school year alone can be daunting at best and defeating at worst. One in 10 kindergarten and first grade students are chronically absent, leading

  • FOR A COMMUNITY VOICES ARTICLE: Norm Haughness of Tehachapi, a philosopher and educator, wrote a longtime column for The Californian's sister publication, the Tehachapi News.

    Community Voice: A not-so-rash prediction about the GOP nominee

    I’ll give him another twenty days — tops. The final personal Trumplosion tentatively predicted in my June 30 article on this page now seems inevitable. A candidate who exhibits every single one of the 12 standard characterizing psychiatric criteria identifying “narcissistic personality disorder”

  • Letter to the editor: KHSD administration over its head

    I am so unbelievably enraged and at the same time embarrassed by the actions of the Kern County High School District with regard to its use of the California Law Enforcement Telecommunications System, I have trouble putting it into words. But I will try. These district administrators

  • Letter to the editor: Kahn doesn't know Trump

    Donald Trump’s response to Khizr Kahn’s statement at the Democratic National Convention was entirely constitutional. Trump made his comment based on the fact that Khizr Kahn made derogatory comments about Trump’s knowledge of the U.S.Constitution and that he should read this sacred document. How

  • From one victim of mailbox theft to another

    This week my husband found a note about a neighbor who had experienced mailbox theft. This is an extremely disappointing note to see. As a victim of mailbox theft as well, I almost hoped it was an isolated incident, or that something just got lost in the mail. To see that it is not only happening

  • Kern High School District board members meet during a Aug. 1, 2016 meeting.

    Why the spy games at the Kern High School District?

    What’s wrong with Kern High School District administrators accessing a confidential database to spy on students, employees and just about anyone administrators target? First, it’s against the law. But then you also have to wonder about a mindset that shows such little respect for privacy rights.

  • Maxwell's 100 cops proposal is a farce

    Does Bakersfield City Councilman Terry Maxwell think the voters are completely unaware? After four years on the council doing nothing about the growing crime problem plaguing our community, Maxwell is now trying to gain publicity by suggesting the City add 100 new officers. Not only is it