• David Keranen

    Community Voice: How to make society safer and generally more appealing

    Lions, and tigers, and bears, oh my! Yes, the world has been, and still is, full of dangerous animals. Millions of years ago ferocious dinosaurs like Tyrannosaurus Rex and Velociraptor roamed the land while equally dangerous sea creatures such as the Pliosaurs and giant sharks searched the oceans

  • Kenneth ”Ziggy” Siegfried is the Director of Athletics at Cal State Bakersfield.

    Community Voices: What a year for CSUB athletics! Another to come

    Roadrunner fans, as I approach my second year as the Director of Athletics (including one year in the interim post), I want to take this opportunity to thank the Bakersfield community for its support of the CSUB Athletics Department. Our mission at CSUB Athletics is to develop champions for

  • Letter to the editor: Give credit where it's needed

    Patsy Ouellette’s Community Voices piece of July 25 (”What Britain’s exit from EU has to do with us in America”), gave the impression that the Federal Reserve was responsible for giving tons of money to banks instead of repairing road, bridges and schools. While the first part is true, the second

  • Dana Milbank

    Some Trump-style speculation on the GOP and Putin

    Trump never met a conspiracy theory he didn't like -- until now. He has dabbled in, among other things, the notion that President Obama is a Muslim born in Kenya, that Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia was murdered and that Ted Cruz's father was involved in the JFK assassination. But

  • Letter to the editor: You've got the wrong Baby Boomers

    I am responding Steven Van Metre’s Community Voices article, “The millennial generation deserves praise, not criticism.” Van Metre basically insults the Baby Boomers, of which I am one, who were born between 1946 and 1964 (not 1945). News articles always mention the “Greatest Generation,” which,

  • Letter to the editor: That elevator to the middle class

    Donald Trump Jr., you lost me at, "Our schools used to be an elevator to the middle class, now they’re stalled on the ground floor." Oh my, the elitism of your statement — or of your speechwriter. Free American public schools have been the elevator to the top floor of towers taller than

  • Letter to the editor: The hypocrisy of Hillary Clinton

    As a staunch anti-abortion woman, I must speak out against the hypocrisy of Hillary Clinton. Seriously? How dare she promote the idea to the American voters that she has spent "a lifetime of fighting for children and families" while supporting "the mothers of the movement" whose

  • Letter to the editor: Trump can make our world better

    So all of you so-called Republican voters will not vote. It is the same thing writing in "None of the Above.” Donald Trump is a Business Man, he had done exceptionally well at Business transactions and dealings. Of course he used the system. Most do. He has no background in politics, that is

  • Letter to the editor: Expecting gusts of extremely warm air

    I read where an historic band of hot weather is predicted to hit the U.S. in many cities today. I wonder if it is caused by all the hot air being released from the Quicken Loans Convention Center in Cleveland. John M. Ulman II Bakersfield

  • Letter to the editor: Giving this veteran the runaround

    I want to call out the VA Clinic on Westwind Drive. My husband, a Vietnam era veteran, has been to this clinic no less than five times this year trying to procure his VA medical ID card on his day off from work. My husband doesn't always know if he will be off on any particular day, so he walks

  • Letter to the editor: Stop HSR while we can

    Back in 2008 we voters approved a $9.9 billion bond measure called Proposition 1A, to fund a high speed double track rail line from Los Angeles to San Francisco. This "seed money" to build this project doesn't even come close to what it would actually cost to build HSR. Some now

  • Letter to the editor: We are better than this

    Let me say that I love my hometown of Bakersfield, lived here my entire life and will continue to live here. I am so sad for the families affected by the senseless violence at this recent party where 14 people were shot. My heart goes out to you. When I heard this on national news, read about it on

  • Letter to the editor: Motivation for Ridgecrest, Porterville?

    Among the ballyhoo and cheerleading surrounding the proposed KCCD bond is this fact: not only will the bond's passage require a 55 percent approval by people in the Bakersfield area, but it will also require the same percentage approval from the voters in Porterville and Ridgecrest. What do

  • Letter to the editor: Proud to be a hyphenless American

    Want the answer? It’s simple! The hyphen, as in African-American, yes, that little line, is the separator of the different races from the American dream. Did one of the most intelligent and courageous and by far the best orator in American history use the hyphen? Seldom if ever. Even in his “I Have

  • Sal Moretti is the superintendent for the City of Bakersfield’s Public Works Department, Solid Waste Division.

    Community Voice: Some anger management lessons from a Sicilian, The Sequel

    Most of us can probably agree that the sequel as rarely good as the original. “The Godfather, Part 2,” though, was better than the original, in the mind of many. In the same vein, and with the same hope, I offer a sequel to my Community Voices article of Feb. 23, “Some anger management lessons from