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Isabella Clanton caught this red rock cod recently during a fishing excursion recently off the coast of Morro Bay.

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John Hrenchir caught this 6.5-pound largemouth bass recently at Lake Isabella.

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J.D. Hrenchir caugh this 6-pound largemouth bass recently at Lake Isabella.

Kern County, southern San Joaquin Valley

CATFISH DERBY: Bob's Bait Bucket's annual month-long carp derby started August 1 and continues through the end of the month. The entry fee is $1 per angler and you must register before you weigh in a fish. Only fresh fish can be weighed in and no weighing in of fish the same day as entering derby. The biggest carp weighed in during August will take the $100 prize, plus all the entry fee money from everyone entered. There are currently 54 anglers signed up so the pot is at $154. The current leader is Sem Mat, Bakersfield, with a 12-10 carp. Information: Bob's Bait (661) 833-8657.

LAKE ISABELLA: Light fishing pressure, but the catfish bite continues to provide some of the best action in the region. The fish remain in 15-feet of water or more and the bite is best on garlic shrimp, chicken liver, shad, nightcrawlers and Secret 7 catfish bait. Most of the fish are still nice two to four-pound class fish and stringers of 15 to 25 fish have been common. Carp anglers are doing pretty fair.

KERN RIVER: The upper river has been slow to fair for bait and lure anglers, with no plants in over a month. The fly anglers are doing pretty fair on wild fish, with the action progressively better the further upstream you go. Water temperatures in the Kernville area are high in the afternoons.

AQUEDUCT NEAR TAFT: Light fishing pressure, but the catfish action has remained pretty good. Quite a few fish topping 5 pounds. The striper bite is fair. Carp also fair. Other species slow.

MILL CREEK PARK: Most of the action has been for bluegill on crickets and wax worms and carp on Powder Bait. There are also still a few catfish showing.

RIVER WALK PARK LAKE: Bluegill are good on most of the small baits, especially on wax worms, meal worms, crickets, or red worms. The carp bite is good on dough baits. A few bass continue to show early on plastics or topwater.

HART PARK LAKE: Bluegill action is good on wax worms and meal worms. The carp action is also very good on Powder Bait. A rare bass is still showing early and late.

TRUXTUN LAKE: Fair bite on bass in the evenings. The carp action has been good on dough baits. Bluegill are also good.

MING LAKE: Good carp action on homemade dough baits or Powder Bait. The bluegill are very good on wax worms and meal worms. Largemouth bite is tough.

BRITE LAKE: The bluegill action is pretty good on wax worms, crickets and meal worms. Few reports of other species.

BUENA VISTA LAKES: The catfish and bluegill bites are both pretty good. The carp bite is fair to good.

WOOLLOMES LAKE: Good bluegill and carp action, while a few catfish and bass are showing. The ëgills are best on meal or wax worms. Carp are best on homemade dough baits or Powder Bait.

SUCCESS LAKE: Bluegill action pretty good. Carp and catfish fair.

KAWEAH LAKE: The bass bite has been spotty on nightcrawlers. Bluegill, carp bites are pretty good.

Other region lakes

CACHUMA: Catfish continue to be the top bet here with other bites slow to fair.

CASITAS: Good topwater and reaction bait bite in mornings for bass. Quite a few redear and bluegill.

CASTAIC: The striper bite remains good. The catfish are fair to good.

LOPEZ: The topwater bass bite is fair to good. The bluegill, redear, and crappie are fair to good.

NACIMIENTO: Fair to good action on smaller 1- to 3-pound spotted bass. The white bass have been boiling in the mouths of the coves.

PIRU: The largemouth bass bite has been fair. A few catfish reports on cut baits. The bluegill action is fair.

PYRAMID: Striper, catfish, largemouth bites good to fair.

SAN ANTONIO: Striped bass, largemouth, smallmouth bites decent.

SANTA MARGARITA: The bass action fair to good. Crappie fair.

Eastern Sierra

BRIDGEPORT REGION: The East Walker continues to fish pretty well, especially in the lower stretches from the bridge downstream into the Nevada stretches. The water is a little warmer above the bridge and tougher. Bridgeport Reservoir continues to drop, but the bait anglers fishing Rainbow Point are getting a lot of 1- to 2-pound fish. Trollers are also getting fish in the same range, along with some nice perch. The Twin Lakes have been fair, but some of the fish are nice quality rainbows from 2-5 pounds. The West Walker has been very good, especially with dry flies, and lure anglers are getting some fish in the evenings on spinners. Virginia Lake is excellent, perhaps the best spot in the region, with limits of fish to four pounds.

JUNE LAKE LOOP-LEE VINING REGION: Overall, fair to good trout action throughout the June Lake Loop with mornings and evenings the best time to fish.

MAMMOTH AREA: Crowley Lake has been fair to good for trout for midge anglers fishing in the bays. The Sacramento perch bite has been good all along the 395 side of the lake, from McGee Bay to Whiskey Creek around weed beds. The Owens has mostly smaller fish now with the occasional big brown from an undercut. Hot Creek is mostly producing eight to 14-inch browns. At Convict Lake, fishing has been best at the inlet and along the south shore. In the upper Mammoth Lakes basin, there is fair to good action early and late in the day. Twin Lakes has been good near the falls and along the outside edges of weed beds. Rock Creek Lake has been fair to good. Rock Creek is good with a lot of smaller browns.

BISHOP AND BIG PINE AREA: The Bishop Creek drainage was fair to good this past week during the full moon, but a little off from the previous week. North Lake, South Lake, and Sabrina improved in past week.

LONE PINE TO INDEPENDENCE AREA: All of the trout streams in this region are fair to good with light pressure.

Ocean report

BIG TUNA NEWS: Mexico has agreed to reopen its waters to bluefin tuna sportfishing, according to the Sportfishing Association of California. The verbal agreement was tendered this week, and SAC expects the written confirmation to arrive no later than Monday.

TUNA ACTION STILL SPECTACULAR: The tuna fishing off the Southern California coastline is as good as it gets every 20 to 30 years. The bluefin, which have been showing in American waters, are running in two grades. First, there are 40 to 60-pounders which are being landed on the gear most anglers bring on the overnight to 2- 1/2-day trips. Then there are bigger fish the run up into the 100- to 110-pound range that are a little more problematic to land. While the yellowfin tuna are a little smaller, mostly running from 15 to 30 pounds, they are showing in better volume than the bluefin. Add in yellowtail from 7-15 pounds and dorado up to 25 pounds and you have a spectacular mix of migrants in our local waters right now. Most skippers are forecasting this action will continue well into October this year based on water temperatures and the sheer volume of tuna from San Martin Island in northern Baja all the way up to the Channel Islands.

CATALINA HOT FOR YELLOWTAIL: Boats not running for the tuna are heading to Catalina Island for the excellent yellowtail and mixed-bag surface action. Most boats have been getting from 50 to 100 yellowtail per day, two to four fish per rod. These boats also frequently stop on tuna schools while crossing the channel to or from the island. When that happens the counts also include some yellowfin tuna and dorado.

HALF-DAY STINKY: Only the half-day fleet is finding difficult fishing. There's usually not enough time to get into the tuna, and while the calico bass bite is good to excellent only one in 10-12 fish is keeper sized. The nearshore barracuda action, when the skinnies pop, is usually a short term deal. The bite is good until the seals show up. The most consistent action on these trips has been sculpin.