The brutal beating and rape of a woman late last month was allegedly payback for the woman's failure to prevent the theft of a pimp's gun from her motel room, according to court filings.

The woman told police Michael Durand Lenoir was "furious" when he discovered an acquaintance of his had taken a black revolver from the woman's motel room in the 900 block of Union Avenue, the reports say. Lenoir, 41, tracked her down in the area of Union Avenue and Brundage Lane the evening of May 28.

He got out of his vehicle and punched her, knocking her to the ground, the reports say the woman told police. He then threw her in his vehicle and drove to the motel room where she'd been selling methamphetamine for Lenoir after meeting him a few weeks earlier.

She told detectives Lenoir, described as 6 feet tall and 270 pounds, is a pimp who requires his prostitutes to sell meth for him.

The woman said Lenoir used scissors to stab her and cut her left ear, according to the reports. She said at least two prostitutes held her down while he beat her by swinging an empty beer bottle inside a plastic bag.

At Lenoir's direction, one of the prostitutes held a lit butane lighter to her left nostril, the reports say the woman told police.

Lenoir then shoved the battered, bleeding woman into the motel bathroom and raped her, according to the reports. He raped her again within an hour.

The woman was admitted to the UC Davis Medical Center in Sacramento the following day and Bakersfield police were notified. The reports don't indicate how she got to the center, or why she didn't go to a Bakersfield hospital.

Lenoir is charged with aggravated mayhem, torture, kidnapping and other offenses and is being held without bail. His next court hearing is scheduled for Thursday.

Court records show numerous criminal convictions against Lenoir, including assault on a person causing great bodily injury in 2012, drug possession for sales in 2007 and robbery in 1992.

He was on parole when arrested May 30.