Q: What is all that rigging on top of the Kern County Superintendent of Schools building? Is it a transmitter? A receiver?

-- Pamela Tarango

Kenneth Richter, chief engineer at KCSOS, answered:

The communication tower atop the City Centre was constructed in 1994 by Superintendent of Schools Kelly F. Blanton and partially funded by a National Telecommunications and Information Administration Public Telecommunications Facilities Program grant.

Initially used by the Kern Educational Telecommunications Consortium (KETC) and the Kern Education Television Network (KETN), the telecommunications infrastructure connected Cal State Bakersfield; Kern Community College District; Kern High School District; Bakersfield City School District; and the Kern County Superintendent of Schools together with voice, video, teleconferencing and data.

Currently, the tower is used to provide point-to-point microwave radio communications, providing high-speed Internet and business services to school districts in Tehachapi, Mojave, Ridgecrest, Taft, Delano, Semitropic, McKittrick, Lost Hills and numerous sites in the Bakersfield area. The tower hosts multiple "point-to-point" microwave transmitters/receivers and cellular infrastructure.

Q: What plans does the city have to replace the 20-plus-year-old tan garbage cans throughout the city? Many are cracked and showing their wear.

-- Craig Holland

A: The city does not do wholesale replacement of trash bins but if you have one that needs to be repaired or replaced, you can call and have it done for free, said Solid Waste Director Kevin Barnes.

The number to call is 326-3114.

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