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J. Patrick Doyle

To Domino's Pizza's president and chief executive officer, the key to success is more than just fresh toppings -- it's hard work and good people.

J. Patrick Doyle, 50, has served as president and CEO for more than four years and held leadership positions with the company for 17 years.

Domino's started in 1960 as a single small business and is now made up of 11,000 restaurants in 75 countries.

He will share stories of the troubles and triumphs that led to Domino's success during a scheduled 6 p.m. talk at Cal State Bakersfield's Amphitheateras part of the school's Distinguished Speaker Series.

He will be the second speaker secured for the series by Rep. Kevin McCarthy, R-Bakersfield, a CSUB graduate who invited entrepreneur Elon Musk in November.

When Domino's first opened in Ypsilanti, Mich., it was called DomiNick's and until the 1990s was the only major pizza restaurant that delivered.

"In 1960, delivery to a home was pretty revolutionary," Doyle said.

The original store owner, Tom Monaghan, was paying his way through architecture school by selling pizza, and eventually decided to stay in the restaurant business.

Today, Domino's delivers more than 1 million pizzas worldwide every day and more than half the company's sales now come from outside the U.S. Domino's delivery drivers cover an estimated 10 million miles each week just in the U.S.

In the 90s, the majority of other major pizza chain restaurants started home delivery, Doyle said. But he maintained that good pizza with fast delivery is one thing that held the company together.

Since taking his latest leadership role, the company completely revamped its pizza recipes and now about 45 percent of its food orders are made online, Doyle said.

He spoke recently by phone with The Californian:

What were your previous positions with Domino's Pizza?

I was senior vice president of marketing for two years, executive vice president of international business for five years, executive vice president of corporate stores for three years and president of U.S. business for two years before becoming CEO.

How many people does Domino's employ?

Around the world, probably 250,000 employees.

What is your educational background?

A bachelor's degree from the University of Michigan (1985) and a Master of Business Administration from the University of Chicago (1988).

What's your key to success?

A lot of hard work and a lot of like-minded people that have seen it through.

What should attendees of your speech plan to look forward to?

I'll talk a little about my experiences and my past to this point. (And) what's made the business successful and taking those opportunities when they come, but understanding that every job you do is an opportunity to shine.