The Richland School District is seeking an interim superintendent to replace Superintendent Ken Bergevin after the Shafter school board accepted the veteran administrator's resignation Tuesday.

Tony Aguirre, president of the Richland school board, announced the board's decision to accept Bergevin's resignation as part of a settlement agreement with the district following a closed-session meeting Tuesday at Golden Oaks Elementary School.

Bergevin has not responded to several attempts to contact him this week, and the district has not explained why he sought the resignation.

But Pete Carton, consultant to the district, said the resignation would go into effect June 30 unless Bergevin changes his mind within an allotted seven-day time frame -- now four days.

"I can't imagine that he's going to change his mind," Carton said.

Bergevin -- who earns a salary of about $127,000 -- has served as superintendent of the four-school elementary district in Shafter since about 2007, Carton said.

Educators in the district have, for at least months, been urging Richland officials to release the superintendent, calling him a "bully."

The Richland School District is working with the Kern County Superintendent of Schools to place an interim superintendent in Bergevin's role.

Robert Meszaros, spokesman for the county office, wrote in an email that he does not expect the office and Richland school board to reach a decision until later this month.