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William Perry is a two-term Kern High School District trustee.

The Kern High School District announced staffing changes Monday that will mean a new face on both the district's five-member board and a new manager for the KHSD special education department.

William Perry, a two-term KHSD trustee, will retire from a board post he has manned since 2008.

And Patrick Blake, manager of the district special education program, will move from his district-level role to a school-site position to serve as assistant principal of North High School.

The KHSD board announced the administrative changes as well as two lateral employment changes to fill open assistant principal roles at West and Stockdale high schools Monday during a meeting at the district office.

The changes come on the heels of KHSD confirmation that officials are investigating allegations that some special education employees used district vans and other resources to operate a private, for-profit business.

Mike Zulfa, assistant superintendent of instruction, said the personnel department is continuing its investigation.

He said the two lateral assistant principal moves are not the result of an ongoing KHSD investigation into the district's Alternative Instructional Methods (AIM) program.

But Zulfa, who will take over human resources responsibilities next school year, did not directly answer a question about whether Blake opted to pursue the North High position as a result of the special education investigation.

He said he believes Blake is returning to the school level to work with students.

"You've got to do what you love," Zulfa said.

Perry retirement

The organizational changes continued with the announcement of Perry's planned retirement.

"I believe my decision to step away at this time is the responsible thing to do, because I feel that I have fulfilled my obligation to serve the community," Perry wrote in a letter to the KHSD board president. "I have served to the best of my ability, and have enjoyed every minute."

Martha Miller, another board member, read Perry's statement and added her own words.

"He's been such a meaningful part of this board and a supportive and kind friend," she said.

Perry's retirement will go into effect on June 23.

Voters will elect his successor in a general election in November.