I have noticed that every time I leave Edwards Cinemas in The Marketplace, only one of the exit doors is unlocked, although they are double doors. This would be a safety issue if the theaters needed to be evacuated. So I am wondering, is this legal?

-- Marcia Hirst

I'm not sure when you regularly leave the cinema, but on April 28 the building was in compliance with city regulations.

After The Bakersfield Californian asked fire department officials about the doors that afternoon, Howard Wines, the Bakersfield Fire Department fire prevention director, went and examined the doors exiting the lobby.

BFD Deputy Chief Tyler Hartley said Wines noted there are 16 doors exiting the lobby. All were unlocked at the time of his visit to the theater.

"There were two doors that were sticky, but did open," Hartley said. "They weren't locked."

Hartley said the cinema did appear to be complying with regulations and they were advised to fix the two sticky doors.

Wines said after following up with the theater on Tuesday, the business's maintenance worker had fixed the sticky doors.

Prior to resurfacing/widening of Norris Road between Coffee Road and Calloway Road there was a designated bike lane. Why was it not put back in place? When will it be put back?

-- Sue Whitmore

Kern County Traffic Engineer Patricia Ebel explained that the section of Norris Road between Coffee and Calloway is designated as a "bike route," not a "bike lane." Bicycle routes are marked with signs. Bicycle lanes are marked with signs, stripes and pavement markings.

"There is still an existing bike route sign for eastbound traffic just east of Calloway. The westbound bike route sign was taken down during construction of the traffic signal at Norris and Coffee," Ebel wrote in an email. "This sign is scheduled to be reinstalled this week."