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Two sheriff's deputies and a third man were arrested after an alleged fight at Applebee's.

It might have made more sense as a pilot for a TV series blending Iron Chef with Blazing Saddles. Or maybe a public service ad warning against the dangers of talking too loudly in restaurants.

Instead, it was a late Wednesday night fight at an Applebee's restaurant between two off-duty Kern County Sheriff's deputies and a third man, allegedly over comments about a woman. And the fight was serious enough that the men requested citizen's arrests against each other.

All three men were arrested after the 11:06 p.m. fight at the restaurant at 9000 Ming Ave. It started over alleged comments made about the girlfriend of Sean Curtis, 24, according to a Bakersfield police news release.

Police said the men initially fought inside the restaurant, and several patrons and employees tried to separate them.

Curtis, of Bakersfield, and his girlfriend, attempted to flee in a vehicle driven by the woman, but were stopped by officers a short distance away.

Christopher Saldana and Jonathan Nunez, both 23, identified themselves as Kern County Sheriff's deputies and waited at the restaurant.

Curtis requested a citizen's arrest against Saldana and Nunez, both of Bakersfield. Nunez requested an arrest against Curtis.

According to Bakersfield police Sgt. Joe Grubbs, arrests cannot be made for misdemeanors not occurring in an officer's presence.

However, any citizen can request an arrest, Grubbs said, and is also allowed to stop a suspect by using a "reasonable amount of force" until law enforcement arrives.

If the officer finds probable cause after the incident, however, arrests can be made, and three were after Wednesday's fight.

Saldana and Curtis were arrested on suspicion of fighting in public, assault and public intoxication. Nunez was arrested on suspicion of fighting in public and assault. All were booked into the downtown jail.

The deputies have been put on paid administrative leave, said Ray Pruitt, spokesman for the Kern County Sheriff's Office. An administrative investigation is ongoing.

Anyone with information on the case is asked to call the BPD at 327-7111.