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Courtesy of Dana Martin

Some folks waiting to meet you at Spring Scream: from left, Chandler the Clown, Nurse Betty, Mr. Cuddles and Chainsaw Joe. Put on by the Talladega Frights crew, the seasonal event will run April 13 to 19 at the Kern County Museum.

If the response for the upcoming Spring Scream is anything near that of My Bloody Valentine, the folks at Talladega Frights -- the increasingly popular company that hosts the haunts -- will be prepared.

"We got so many more than we thought we would get. We were blown away," said Dana Martin, Talladega's director of operations.

"The community is not only receptive but eager and looking for things to do in town for fun."

For Spring Scream, which kicks off Sunday and runs through April 19, that fun includes some new scares, an expanded dance floor and 100-foot water slide, which will take advantage of this particularly warm spring weather.

"Those who want to get wet can ride an inner tube down into a pool. We know it won't be for everyone."

(Not one to miss a marketing opportunity, Martin suggested guests can purchase exclusive T-shirts to change into something dry after the splash.)

Also new for the attraction, Martin and partner Mike Wilbur added some updates to the Hillbilly Hell and Green River Asylum haunts.

"We did some demolition. There are brand-new themes. I would say there's a 30 percent change in the overall scares.

"They will be experiencing another area of Hillbilly Hell with very colorful characters to scare them."

Those frightening fellows won't just stick to the haunts: Martin said that by the end of the night they'll be out on the dance floor with guests listening to DJ SK spin.

"(At Bloody Valentine) the dance floor was packed all night. People were dancing with our characters, taking photos with them."

Characters include Mr. Cuddles, a "very creepy old clown"; Chandler the clown -- "on his Instagram account (chandlertheclown) he has more followers than many haunts have"; Nurse Betty, who is "very popular and a very good dancer"; and the Talladega Easter bunny, who Martin said "will be worth seeing and taking photos with."

Offering an evening of dancing, scares and a water slide is just what the Talladega team wants to offer people staying in town for spring break.

"It's a party atmosphere, a beachy atmosphere," Martin said. "Something fun for them to look forward to. We're bringing the party to them."