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Nick Ellis/ Special to The Californian

Condors' Matt Thuber and Reign's Rocco Carzo work for the puck during action March 28 at Rabobank Arena.

No need to call the wildlife preservationists. The Bakersfield Condors are not going extinct -- or being cut loose, for that matter -- even if official paperwork gives that impression.

The local hockey team's president, Matthew Riley, cautioned Friday against any wrong assumptions that might result from a fictitious business name statement filed with the county last month.

He said the team's former owner, Flying Puck LLC, had to abandon the Condors name so that the new owner, KG (US) Oilers Corp. could pick it up.

The change is part of the Condors' recent purchase by the Edmonton Oilers hockey team and its ownership entity, the Katz Group of Cos.

What's a tad confusing is that the fictitious name paperwork mentions the name Bakersfield Oilers.

Riley warned against jumping to conclusions. He said that as far as he knows, the local team -- which went by the name Oilers in a previous incarnation a quarter-century ago -- is not changing its moniker.

A switch like that wouldn't make any sense, he said, adding that the team has gone by the Condors name for 17 years.

"Why would you change the name of McDonald's?" he asked, alluding to the importance of establishing a recognizable brand.

He then quickly amended his rhetorical question. "I'll use Carl's Jr., because they're a sponsor."