The Kern High School District board on Monday will consider approving a three-year contract giving teachers a 5 percent raise and new principal appointments at West and Foothill high schools.

The teachers' contract would impact 1,700 KHSD educators. The Kern High School Teachers Association voted Thursday to ratify the agreement, which would mean a 4 percent salary raise next school year and a 1 percent raise this year.

Chad Vegas, president of the KHSD school board, said Thursday the increase is what board members have been hoping for all along.

"It's not a surprise to me that that's what's happening," he said. "We're happy to see it."

Although teachers earn salary increases based on their experience and level of education, the raise would be the first across-the-board salary increase for teachers in seven years.


The KHSD board is also scheduled to appoint two new principals to replace a pair who have moved into district administration.

The school board appointed Brenda Lewis, principal of Foothill High, as assistant superintendent for instruction late last month; and Dean McGee, principal of West High, as assistant superintendent of a new department called Educational Services and Innovative Programs.

The board will consider the appointments in a closed session portion of the meeting Monday. Vegas said that decision could unfold two different ways:

* If the district recommends that principals from other schools switch to the Foothill and West high campuses in a lateral move, the KHSD superintendent would make the appointment.

* But in any other scenario, the school board would consider recommendations from district administration, ask questions and conduct a vote in closed session.

"Either way on Monday night we will appoint a new principal for West High and Foothill," Vegas said.