A Bakersfield man was sentenced to 40-years-to-life by a Yolo County judge last week for attempted murder and conspiracy to commit murder, among other charges, according to a report from the Woodland Daily Democrat.

David Earl Bristow, 55, of Bakersfield, along with Danny Joe Stearman, 65, of Shafter, were both convicted of the vicious October 2012 attack in January.

Stearman was sentenced to 29-years-to life on Feb. 14, according to the Daily Democrat.

According to reports by the Daily Democrat and the Sacramento Bee, Bristow and Stearman ambushed Mark Cullen while he was on his way to work in Arbuckle.

Stearman, Cullen's ex-wife's uncle, and Bristow, a hired hit man, used their vehicle to force Cullen off the road. After exiting his car, Cullen was shot in the back of the head, stabbed, sliced in the face, and run down with his own vehicle.

Bristow and Stearman then left the victim to die, the papers reported.

But Cullen survived the attack and was found by a co-worker, according to the Bee.

When Cullen failed to show up for his scheduled midnight shift, the co-worker called Cullen's cellphone. Cullen was able to answer the phone.

The co-worker drove the route that Cullen usually traveled to work and found him lying on the side of the road.

Cullen was able to immediately identify Stearman. Yolo County Sheriff's Detectives who investigated the case used cellphone records to identify Bristow as the second attacker, the Daily Democrat reported.