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Scott Cox

The Chinese chicken salad from Bagels and Blenderz is a proper plateful that will fill you up no matter how hungry you are.

Being an elderly person, I still own DVDs. Stacks and stacks of them, from old concert videos to Blu-ray movies. But I'm well aware that they're already obsolete, and the latest proof came in the form of an app called HBO GO.

I don't care for apps in general, nor am I a big fan of watching stuff on my phone or iPad, because, again, I'm old and hate squinting at little screens. But this HBO Go thing works on everything, including my home computer and TV. So if I want to watch an episode of "Deadwood" (which I do -- a lot), I just go to anything connected to the Internet, and it's right there. For free. Well, sort of free -- you have to be an HBO subscriber to use it -- but, man, is it handy. And not only does it have everything currently on HBO, like "Boardwalk Empire" and "Eastbound & Down," it's got everything they've ever shown, like "The Sopranos" and "John Adams." Did you miss the epic "True Detective"? Well now you can catch up while waiting to get your oil changed.

Even if, like me, you're not mobile-device friendly, HBO Go is still great on your Apple TV, Roku, or whatever you have hooked up to your TV. This app has turned a whole bunch of my DVDs into coasters overnight, just like digital online content will do to the rest of them sooner or later. And here's the really cool part: Apparently HBO is fine with people sharing their HBO Go passwords. In other words, my kids can watch all this HBO programming from wherever they are using MY password. I don't know how long they'll embrace this policy, but for now it represents a huge bargain, entertainment-wise. So if you have HBO, and you'd like to access all of their programming instantly from anywhere, get this app before they change their minds.

Salad of the week

This week's salad was my wife's idea. She and her co-workers get food from Bagels & Blenderz quite often. I'd never been, mostly because I get irritated when people misspell stuff on purpose to be cutesy. But since I venture onto Facebook occasionally, I have little reason to believe that most people even notice anymore.

The little woman had a Chinese chicken salad from there on her desk the other day, and since she left it unattended in her office, I helped myself to some of it. When she walked back in I told her that it was pretty good, and she had the audacity to suggest that I get my own! So I did. And I can report that even the non-stolen kind is pretty darned good.

They use semi-shredded cabbage, which is good, but you have to eat it right away, or it will wilt on you. This isn't a problem at Bagels & Blenderz (ugh), because they make the salads fresh to order. Better still, this one isn't overdone.

It has just the right amount of crispy noodles and almonds and plenty of moist, tasty chicken chunks. And it's a proper plateful of salad, so no matter how hungry you are, this thing will fill you up.

The sesame dressing they use is good, but I thought they used a little too much. I'm sure you could get it on the side if you're fussy about that kind of thing. Best of all, this thing is priced right at $7, which puts it in the same range as most fast-food salads, and I think most people would prefer this one.

Next time I'm having the Santa Fe Chicken salad, because it looked pretty great, too.

Oh, and if you go -- especially if you take a child or Facebook friend -- tell them that that's not how you spell "blenders."