A storm forecast to arrive Tuesday evening and continue into Thursday will interrupt Kern's County warm, sunny weather -- but not do much else.

Most of the action is expected to hit north of us. As much as two feet of snow is anticipated in the northern Sierra Nevada and western Plumas County.

The heaviest snowfall is expected on Wednesday, with accumulations of one to two feet of snow above 6,000 feet before the storm system moves out.

The system will drop rain elsewhere in California, with .1 to .3 inches expected Wednesday and early Thursday in the central and northern San Joaquin Valley that may cause minor travel difficulties, according to the National Weather Service. Lesser rain amounts are anticipated for the far southern San Joaquin Valley and eastern Kern County.

Strong winds, however, are likely to develop Tuesday evening through the east-west passes of Kern County then spread into the desert areas Wednesday and continue into Thursday, the weather service said. Blowing dust will be possible. Peak winds will exceed 50 mph, peaking Tuesday evening and again Wednesday afternoon.

There's a moderate chance snow levels will fall to near 5,000 feet in the Sierra Wednesday and Thursday and down to 6,000 feet in Kern County, the weather service said. The Grapevine pass is not expected to see snow.

A half an inch to an inch of rain is expected in the San Francisco Bay Area, National Weather Service forecaster Duane Dykema said.

Northern California will get a brief respite before more precipitation is expected to arrive Friday and over the weekend.

The storms will not make a significant dent in the drought.

"We're so late in the rainy season, by the law of averages and the way the climate works here, it would almost be impossible to make up much ground on our drought situation unless we get very anomalous precipitation between now and the end of April," Dykema said. "The best we can hope for is to ease some of these deficits."