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Annette Funicello

A certain website is famous for flakes, but one advertisement is absolutely true: the late Annette Funicello's 1973 Cadillac Coupe De Ville is for sale on Craigslist.

The original Mouseketeer is listed on the title but likely never drove it.

Scott Dang, owner of China Cuisine restaurant in Shafter, is selling the white Caddy, one of several cars owned by the late Annette Funicello and her husband, Glen Holt.

Funicello, who was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis in 1987, died in April at Mercy Southwest Hospital at age 70. She and Holt had spent the previous two years at a home in Shafter -- relocating after a fire at their Encino residence.

She was one of the original 24 Mouseketeers chosen for "The Mickey Mouse Club," the hugely popular baby boomer television show that debuted in 1955.

Dang's Craigslist ad doesn't identify him by name but in an interview he said he's owned China Cuisine since 1989, and described Holt as a regular customer.

Dang said he traded a 1997 Mitsubishi 3000 GT with Holt for Funicello's Cadillac last year when Holt said he needed a car for his goddaughter to drive.

The car's official provenance linking it to Funicello is its title, which lists her as its co-owner by her married name, Annette Holt, Dang said. He's asking $6,000 for the long, white Cadillac.

Funicello's step-grandson Canaan McDuffie confirmed his grandfather owned the car for about three to four years and said Funicello always liked Cadillacs, although the progression of her disease meant she wouldn't have driven this one.

"Going back to the '60s, she had some pretty cool Caddys," McDuffie said of Funicello, who had successfully transitioned from mouse ears to swimsuits by then. "Annie had Caddys on and off her whole life, but he acquired that well after she was not able to drive any more."

This Caddy runs and drives well, Dang said, and he believes it has 125,000 miles (old odometers returned to zero after passing 100,000 miles).

One rear fender is slightly dented, Dang said, which he believes happened when Funicello backed into a barbecue grill -- and for this reason, he hasn't had it fixed.

"I didn't want to fix the dent because she left her mark there," Dang said.

McDuffie said he was unaware of that particular bit of history, and theorized the dent might have happened when his grandfather parked it in the garage.