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Rodney Thornburg

Friends and family of fourth- through 12th-grade students peruse exhibits displayed at a Kern County History Day several years ago at the Larry E. Reider Education Center. The 31st edition of the competition was Saturday.

After six months of preparation for the 31st annual Kern County History Day competition, the student winners were awarded Saturday.

Students had been conducting research since the beginning of the school year as participants in junior and senior divisions prepared papers, exhibits, performances, documentaries, websites and posters around this year's theme of "Rights and Responsibilities in History."

Presented and sponsored by the Kern County Superintendents of Schools office, the competition was held at the Larry E. Reider Education Center.

Winners in each category are eligible to participate in California History Day, April 25-27, in Riverside. State winners can advance to National History Day, held in June in Maryland.

The winners were:

Senior Division (grades 9-12):

Group Exhibit: Brooke Richter, Makay Moss, Caitlyn Richter, Kaitlyn Moss of Liberty High School.

Junior Division (grades 4-8):

Group Performance: Alexa Coburn, Taylor Urner of Chipman Junior High and Alexis Hill, Kaitlyn Hillis, Logan Eldridge, Maxwell Barrera, Candace Maurer of Thorner Elementary.

Individual Performance: Cassidy Porter of Fruitvale Junior High, and Lauren Bittle of Endeavour Elementary.

Group Documentary: Nataly Ayala, Isabelle Martinez, Brian Perales, Robert Osorio of Richland Junior High, and Anusha Gogulapati, Joeyta Banerjee of Earl Warren Junior High.

Individual Documentary: Jessica Jensen of Fruitvale Junior High, and Elli Cunanan of Fruitvale Junior High.

Group Exhibit: Sydney Wetzel, Emily Demos of St. Francis Parish School, and Blake Bryant, Nicholas Kurtz, Bethany Withnell of Standard Middle School.

Individual Exhibit: Roy Valdez of Chipman Junior High, and Evan Neath of Thorner Elementary.

Group Website: Warren Alphonso, Niteesh Kuchakulla of Earl Warren Junior High, and Shabazz Muhammad, Arman Shergill, Ben Stevens, Zeke Armijo, Sean Beardsley of Thorner Elementary.

Individual Website: Charlotte Abraham of Earl Warren Junior High, and Ashleigh Meyers of Standard Middle School.

Historical Paper: Sarah May of Earl Warren Junior High, and Jessica Stump of Fruitvale Junior High.

Group 2-D Display (grades 4 and 5 only): Jacob Cook, Riley Davis, Carson Peters, Andrew Atkin of Highland Elementary, and Daniella Park, Elizabeth Calley of Discovery Elementary.

Individual 2-D Display (grades 4 and 5 only): Emanuel Garcia of Blake School; Kimberly Jensen of Endeavour Elementary.