Q: Will the Brains of Bakersfield trivia contest go on now that Simon Tobin has left as Cal State Bakersfield's men's soccer coach?

-- A reader

Richie Grant, CSUB's new men's soccer coach, said he "would like it to continue" and the program is working on it. No date has been chosen, he said, but he hopes it will be held in late spring.

Grant said he planned to talk with his administration about it.

For those who don't know, Brains of Bakersfield is an annual trivia tournament held in the Icardo Center where teams of 10 players each answer 10 trivia questions in 10 categories that are posed by a host.

The team that answers the most questions correctly after 10 rounds of questioning wins a little trophy (and bragging rights). People pay to play and that money goes to the men's soccer program.

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