Joseph Haskell Maine told investigators he'd consumed eight drinks the evening he crashed into the car carrying 25-year-old Vanessa Carrillo, according to police reports made public this week.

When an officer told him that Carrillo and the 8-month-old fetus she was carrying had died, the filings show, Maine responded by saying he "should be given the death penalty."

Maine, 26, is charged with two counts of second-degree murder and other offenses in the Jan. 17 crash in southeast Bakersfield. His next court hearing is scheduled for March 24.

Maine blew a .16 breath alcohol content reading -- twice the legal driving limit -- on an officer-administered breath test, the reports filed in court say. Analysis of his GMC Sierra's data recorder showed Maine was traveling at 60 mph on Fairview Road at 2.5 seconds before the crash, slowing to 51 mph a half second before impact.

The speed limit on Fairview is 45 mph.

Carrillo suffered injuries including a broken neck, broken ribs and multiple breaks in her pelvis, the reports say. The coroner's office determined both she and the fetus died of blunt force trauma.

Maine was driving west on Fairview when he struck the car, which was headed north on Monitor Street, the reports say. A breath test on driver of the car in which Carrillo was a passenger revealed no alcohol in her system.

The reports say Maine told officers he'd drunk two glasses of wine with his fiancee four to five hours before the crash. He'd then invited some friends over and consumed six beers within 90 minutes while playing beer pong.

Maine described himself as a "lightweight," and said he'd consumed more alcohol that night than he usually did, according to the reports. Still, he told investigators, he thought he could safely drive to a convenience store to pick up more beer.

He said the traffic signal was green in his direction and the driver of the car he hit must have run a red light, the reports say. But Maine also believed the car was traveling south when it had actually been traveling north at the time of the collision.

An investigator asked Maine how he could be sure he had a green light when he didn't even know what direction the car had been traveling. The reports say Maine seemed "baffled" by this.

Three passengers in Maine's pickup were uninjured. The driver and another passenger in the vehicle carrying Carrillo suffered minor injuries.

Carrillo's fiance -- who was also the owner of the car she was traveling in -- was allowed to retrieve some items from the car three days after the crash, the reports say. Those items included 11 children's books.