Q: I've heard that BevMo! (Beverages & More!) has plans to open a store in the River Walk Shopping Center. Is this true?

-- Matt Williams

It sort of looks that way, but it may be a little too early to say for sure.

The Concord-based beer, wine and spirits retailer acknowledged in August that Bakersfield is the largest California city without a BevMo!. A company executive said the chain hopes to remedy that soon with a 9,000-square-foot location somewhere in town.

Just last week a company spokeswoman issued an update, saying a Bakersfield BevMo! will open in 2015. She declined to say where exactly the store will be located.

Meanwhile, a spokeswoman for Castle & Cooke California Inc., developer of the Shops at River Walk, stated that an executive there is working on details with "several new tenants for our shopping centers."

But that was all she was willing to say for now.

"As always, we will release our information with our tenants' approval so it will be accurate and not put any of our ongoing negotiations in jeopardy," spokeswoman Darlene Mohlke wrote in an email.

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