Kern County Sheriff's deputies serving a search warrant Friday night in Rosamond arrested a 49-year-old man the department says had a live grenade, illegal weapons and drugs for sale, and that he gave methamphetamine and marijuana to two 14-year-old girls.

A department news release said the deputies arrested Robert Smith, of Rosamond, after serving the warrant at about 8:45 p.m. in the 2000 block of Poplar Street. It said the two girls found in the residence appeared to have used marijuana, and that Smith showed signs of having used meth.

The department's bomb squad was called out when the deputies discovered a military-style grenade with the pin and fuse device still attached in a bedroom.

Deputies turned up four rifles, one of which had been reported stolen; a shotgun; a pistol; and two billy clubs in the residence, the release states. It says they also found 10 grams of meth along with scales and packaging materials.

The girls were released to their parents. Smith was booked and held on suspicion of providing minors with meth and marijuana, felony child endangerment, possession of an explosive device, possession of meth for sale, possession of meth for sale while armed, possession of a billy club, possession of stolen property, among other crimes. His bail was set at $895,000.