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Casey Christie / The Californian

Asiah Hines appeared in Kern County Superior Court with her attorney for her felony arraignment in December 2013.

Ninety minutes into questioning, after investigators accused her of lying, 17-year-old Asiah Hines said she'd give them the whole story if they just let her speak to the mother of the baby boy she was suspected of killing.

Detectives brought the mother, Jeukayla Webb, into the sheriff's office interrogation room where Hines was being detained. Webb, Hines' former lover, tearfully asked what happened to her baby Kai'Dan during the early morning of Dec. 16 while Hines baby-sat him.

Hines said she didn't mean to kill the 21-month-old. She'd just wanted him to stop crying.

First she yelled at the boy, according to investigators' reports filed in court. Then she hit him in the back. Then she punched him in the stomach.

Jeukayla Webb fell to the floor and began sobbing loudly. Deputies led her from the room leaving Hines alone.

The reports say Hines punched herself in the face while repeating that what happened was an accident.

"When I get angry it's not me," she said to herself. "I promise it's not me."

Hines is charged with second-degree murder and assault on a child under 8 resulting in death. Her next court hearing is scheduled for Thursday.

Deputies were called to the 1700 block of Jefferson Street at 3:15 a.m. for a report of an unresponsive child. They found Kai'Dan unconscious and began CPR. The child was taken to Kern Medical Center and pronounced dead about three hours later.

Hines, in the first of several different stories she told investigators, said she and Kai'Dan had gone to bed about 8 p.m. She said she woke up to a loud noise and found the child behind a couch in the living room.

Hines said Kai'Dan had asthma and she had given him some of her asthma medicine, the reports say. She said they were alone, but later said a male friend came over unexpectedly and woke her up, and that's when she noticed Kai'Dan was out of bed and unconscious.

The various times of when these events took place, or whether the friend had shown up while she was still awake, kept changing under questioning. She couldn't provide a last name for the male friend, only that he frequented Valley Plaza mall. The reports say Hines became increasingly agitated as the questioning continued.

Detectives told her that the various stories she offered didn't account for the numerous, horrific injuries the child suffered.

The reports say a pathologist determined Kai'Dan suffered severe internal bleeding, a liver "that appeared to have been torn in multiple directions," brain swelling, multiple fractures on the back of his skull, bruising to his head, neck, face and abdomen, plus indications that he may have been choked at one point.

Jeukayla Webb told detectives she'd dated Hines and, although the relationship was over, still let Hines stay at her residence and watch over her son. She said the relationship ended because Hines wanted it to become more serious.

Jeukayla Webb also said Hines had been physically abusive with her, including shoving her against a wall and pinning her down on a bed three days before Kai'Dan's death, the reports say. Still, she never believed Hines would hurt her child. She told police Hines loved Kai'Dan.

As investigators collected evidence regarding the boy's death, they were approached by a Jefferson Street neighbor. The woman said she'd gone out to her car to start it before heading to her early morning shift on Dec. 16 when she heard a baby crying.

The woman said the crying was followed by what sounded like three hard whacks. There was no more crying after that.