As part of his annual Christmas Eve activities, Gov. Jerry Brown Jr. granted 127 pardons Tuesday, including five for crimes committed in Kern County.

Those pardoned completed their sentences and have been out of custody for more than a decade without getting into trouble. A news release from Brown's office said pardons are granted "to people who have demonstrated exemplary behavior and have lived productive and law-abiding lives following their conviction."

The gubernatorial pardon allows felons to serve on a jury trial, carry firearms unless the conviction was for a felony involving the use of a dangerous weapon and be considered for appointment as a county probation officer or state parole agent.

The pardon does not erase the record of the conviction or allow the pardoned person to answer on employment applications that he or she has no record of conviction.

The following are the pardons out of Kern County:

* Robert Wesley Akers, of South Dakota, sentenced Sept. 3, 1968 to three years probation for the sale or transportation of marijuana.

* Scott Alan Collins, of California, sentenced Oct. 7, 1993 to four months in prison and one year of parole for stealing a motorcycle.

* Grady Mack Powell, of California, sentenced Dec. 1, 1994 to four years, three months in prison and one year of parole for possession of drugs for sale, transportation of drugs and possession of drugs.

* Dennis Allen Shepard, of California, sentenced Jan. 6, 1998 to three years probation for drug possession.

* Timothy Stephens, of California, sentenced Feb. 5, 1974 to one year in prison and three years probation for drug possession.