Q: There is a fenced in construction site on the north side of Rosedale Highway at Froehlich Street. What is going to be built there and where are the points of ingress and egress?

-- Frank Williams

Bakersfield Planning Director Jim Eggert answered:

There are two projects. Along the Rosedale frontage will be a 152-unit apartment project. Behind it is a subdivision tract with 20 lots, each planned with a duplex.

New streets will be built, one with access to Rosedale Highway and another with access to Allen Road.

Q: In the past there was much discussion of Cal State Bakersfield changing its grading system from quarters to semesters. What's the history and status of that proposal?

-- Debbie Paxson

A: CSUB Director of Communications Colleen Dillaway fielded this one, adding new detail since we last reported on the issue:

CSU Bakersfield is one of six remaining CSU campuses on the quarter system. Over the years there has been much discussion among CSUB faculty, staff and students about the possibility of a transition of the academic calendar from quarters to semesters. At the conclusion of the appropriate processes, including campus-wide consultation and systemwide dialogue, CSUB President Horace Mitchell made the decision to change the CSUB academic calendar from a quarter system to a semester system, the timing of which would be based on the availability of significant funding from the Chancellor's Office.

With the chancellor's commitment to provide 100 percent of the information technology cost and 75 percent of all other relevant costs, our conversion is now under way. Within the next few years all six campuses will be transitioning to semesters so the entire CSU system will be on a semester calendar. CSUB's first term on the semester calendar will be Fall 2016.

Our commitment to students during this transition is to provide individualized academic planning for every student, no loss of academic progress, no extended time to degree completion and no additional cost for degree completion for students who meet with university academic advisors, develop an approved academic plan and follow the plan. More information on this transition will be available on our website at www.csub.edu in the coming weeks.

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