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Felix Adamo / The Californian

Traffic flowing smoothly on the Westside Parkway just east of the Coffee Road exit.

Q: The Westside Parkway opened on Aug. 2. The Californian reported on Aug. 5 that over the weekend of the opening, 36 traffic citations were issued, mainly for speeding.

I have heard of several accidents occurring since its opening, but no reports of those accidents can be found. The only reports of any accidents occurring are the Sept. 13 crash that involved a drunken driver and the report of the Bakersfield Police Department vehicle crash prior to its opening.

How many unreported accidents have occurred since its opening, and what does the report card look like for citations since its opening?

A: The Bakersfield Police Department pulled together some good ticket and accident statistics for us, cautioning that they may not capture 100 percent of incidents but should be pretty close.

Ticket-wise, here's a breakdown of 106 issued between August and November, according to the department:

* 12500 (A) Not having a valid driver's license: 2

* 16028 (A) No proof of liability insurance when operating a motor vehicle: 2

* 16028 (A) No proof of liability insurance when involved in an accident: 1

* 21453 (C) Failing to stop for a red arrow: 1

* 21457 (A) Failing to stop at a flashing red stop signal: 2

* 21651 (A) Violation on a divided highway with intermittent barriers or a dividing section, whether it be making illegal turns or driving where you're not supposed to: 1

* 22349 (A) Exceeding the speed limit: 62

* 22350 Driving faster than is prudent regarding weather, visibility, traffic on, and the surface and width of the highway: 21

* 22400 (A) Driving so slow as to impede or block the normal or reasonable movement of traffic: 1

* 26708 (A)(1) Driving a motor vehicle with an object or material placed, displayed, installed, affixed, or applied upon the windshield or side of rear windows: 1

* 26710 Defective windshield or rear windows: 1

* 34507.5 (A) A commercial motor vehicle without a carrier identification number: 1

* 35401 (A) Two vehicles coupled together and exceeding a total length of 65 feet: 1

* 4000 (A) (1) Driving, moving, or leaving standing upon a highway any motor vehicle, trailer, semitrailer, pole or pipe dolly, or logging dolly, unless it is registered and the appropriate fees have been paid: 5

* 4000 (A) Same as with previous except vehicle has been left in a public parking facility: 1

* 5200 (A) License plates not properly displayed: 2

* 5204 (A) Registration tab not properly displayed: 1

Accident-wise, the department shared this data:

* Traffic accident with injury: 1

* Traffic accident without injury: 6

BPD threw in this additional information about reports it has taken on the Westside Parkway:

* Burglary-forced-non-residence: 1

* Amphetamine possession: 1

* DUI-alcohol felony: 1

* Hit-and-run misdemeanor:2

* Traffic impound: 2

* License violation: 4

* Reckless driving: 1

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