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Matthias Clamer

Andrea Sedano of Bakersfield is a hardcore Oakland Raiders fan who gets dressed up as "Drea of the Dead" in support of her favorite team.

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Matthias Clamer

Andrea Sedano of Bakersfield, aka "Drea of the Dead," is joined by her "second family" of Raider Nation fans who dress up in support of their team.

There are Oakland Raiders fans, and then there are Raiders fans like Andrea Sedano of Bakersfield.

Sedano's hardcore love of the Raiders is so extreme it's landed her in the pages of ESPN The Magazine.

The teenage Bakersfield student is included in an extensive photo feature titled "Raider Nation: Behind the Makeup" that captures more than a dozen Oakland fans who take on new identities in support of their NFL team.

After two hours of prep time, Sedano turns into Drea of the Dead, an exotic character straight out of a Tim Burton movie -- all in hopes of inspiring the Raiders to victory. And she's not alone in wearing her passion, as the ESPN piece clearly shows in celebrating other over-the-top Raider Nation fans like Mark Acasio, aka "Gorilla," or "Metal Cindy" Reyna.

Sedano, who created her character in 2010, told ESPN, "I've been a fan since birth -- my dad is the president of the Bakersfield booster club -- but I didn't dress up until I met Gorilla and my inspiration, Cindy, who's now a big sister. Being a female, you get more attention, positive and negative. But I ignore the derogatory, 'sexy' comments. Besides, I now have a strong, loyal second family that looks after me, making sure I'm OK. You can't tear us apart."

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