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Casey Christie / The Californian

Fabian Cepeda, a volunteer with Valley Bible Fellowship Church, paints over some graffiti under the overpass at Edison Highway and Fairfax Road during the Great American Clean Up in 2010.

Q: I tried to download the Bakersfield city graffiti reporting app for my iPhone and the iTunes Store says it is no longer available. When I called the BPD to ask if it was still available, it put the call through to the graffiti hotline.

I remember reading about the app just this last year in the newspaper and was excited to finally use it to help keep the city clean. Why was it abandoned so quickly?

-- Melanie Wilson

A: Fortunately for the cleanliness of the city, the app is just down and being worked on by city IT folks, not yanked from service permanently, said Bakersfield police Sgt. Joe Grubbs.

He wasn't sure when the app would be re-launched, but assured us it would be.

Q: Because of the opening of the Westside Parkway, the traffic on Allen Road has greatly increased. We have always known that a car gets much better gas mileage if it does not have to stop frequently.

However, the traffic light at Palm Avenue and Allen is not an 'on demand' light. The light turns red for those on Allen Road even if no cars are at the intersection or even on Palm Avenue.

It also has a left-turn light for Allen Road traffic that always comes on even if no car is in the left- turn lane. It is very frustrating to see green lights at Rosedale Highway and Brimhall Road but a red light at Palm.

Question: Can the traffic department make the Palm Avenue portion of the traffic light be on a 'demand only' system? Other intersection have them.

-- Harry Love

A: Kern County Roads Department Director Craig Pope responded:

The light does run on demand only, which means it only goes to a cycle when there is a car tripping a detector.

Our traffic engineer reported to me there was a glitch a couple of weeks ago where it falls back to a fixed time cycle. It has been reset to demand cycle. We will take another look at it to make sure it is functioning properly.

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