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Pete Thrift, left, and Keith Schmedding of Bakersfield caught these two large silver salmon by the Pasagshak River at Kodiak, Alaska, on Sept. 9, using salmon eggs for bait. With his 34.5-inch, 28- pound salmon, Thrift won the Kodiak Coast Guard Base Fishing Derby.

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Keith Schmedding, left, and Pete Thrift on the Buskin River at Kodiak Island, Alaska, with their silver salmon. Thrift used salmon eggs for bait. Schmedding used a spinner.

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Ray and Bette Newton of Taft caught salmon from 16-23 pounds on their annual trip to the Klamath River in September. They were fishing the mouth of the river with Kastmaster spoons.

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Mike Saleen of Bakersfield caught this 15-pound coho salmon Sept. 7 at Lena Cove in Juneau, Alaska.

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Tom Crosby, right, of Bakersfield, shown with his son, Mike, caught this 22-pound lingcod Sept. 20 off the coast of Oxnard, using anchovies for bait.

Ken County, southern San Joaqun Valley

LAKE ISABELLA: There is still very good action on catfish, while the bass and crappie have slowed way down. The cats continue to be best on salted garlic clam meat or regular clams and nightcrawlers. Lots of two to four pound fish with some to 10 pounds. Few other reports and very light fishing pressures. The lake remains so low the boat ramps pretty much require four-wheel drive to launch boats.

KERN RIVER: DFW plants in section 0 through 5 this week. The trout bite has been fair to good on the planted fish for anglers fishing salmon eggs, PowerBait and Mice Tails with light fishing pressure. Fly anglers are seeing pretty good action in the 20-mile roadside stretch. The water is clear above Fairview dam, with rainbows and browns above the dam focusing on ant patterns, small bluewing olive nymphs and caddis. Below Fairview, there has been a very good bluewing olive hatch around 3 p.m. each day and good dry-fly action. The lower river continues to have a good bass bite.

AQUEDUCT NEAR TAFT: Good and getting even better for the small stripers over the past week as the water cools.

MILL CREEK PARK: Fair bite on bluegill with a few bass also showing in the evening. No catfish reports.

RIVER WALK PARK LAKE: DFW trout plants next week and two weeks ago. The bite slowed down this week, but the action is still best on garlic PowerBait and Mice Tails doused with garlic oil or the new Power Dust. The bluegill bite remains fair, at best, on wax worms and meal worms. Carp are also showing on dough baits and Powder Bait, but this bite has slowed way down. A few bass on plastics and minnows.

HART PARK LAKE: First trout plant of the season four weeks ago, but the bite has slowed since that plant. Best action still on PowerBait in the garlic flavors n regular, chartreuse, and rainbow. Fair bluegill bite on meal worms and wax worms. The bass bite is also fair to good on cranks and plastics. The carp bite is also fair on dough baits.

TRUXTUN LAKE: DFW trout plants two and four weeks ago. Next plant slated for next week. Slow to fair action on chartreuse, rainbow and regular garlic PowerBait with Power Dust. Mice Tails in garlic oil are also good. The bluegill action is fair. The carp are spotty. The bass are slow to fair in the evenings.

MING LAKE: Good trout action reported this week, so an unscheduled trout plant may have went in. The last posted DFW plants were two and four weeks ago. Best action on PowerBait in the garlic flavors and Mice Tails doused with garlic oil. The action on bluegill and carp is slow to fair. The bluegill are best on wax worms and meal worms. Carp bite is best on dough baits. The bass are slow to fair with a few still on reaction baits, but most on nightcrawlers and plastics.

BRITE LAKE: DFW trout plants this week and two weeks ago.

BUENA VISTA LAKES: The Taft Chamber of Commerce Annual Trout Derby was this past Saturday with fair to good fishing. Top fish was a 6-pounder. The lakes reopened to fishing Wednesday this week and the trout action has been pretty good.

WOOLLOMES LAKE: DFW trout plants next week, last week and four weeks ago. Spotty action on garlic PowerBait and Power Mice. Fair action on bluegill with a few bass being caught on reaction baits and frogs in the evenings. Also some carp being landed on dough baits.

SUCCESS LAKE: First DFW trout plant of the season two weeks ago. Overall slow fishing with only a few trout in the stocking areas. Bluegill have slowed way down and only a few bass are showing on plastics and reaction baits.

KAWEAH LAKE: First DFW trout plant of the season two weeks ago. The bluegill bite is slow with only the odd fish showing from deeper water on wax worms and meal worms. The catfish bite has also slowed. The bass bite has been slow to fair on plastics and small swimbaits.

Other regional lakes

CACHUMA: Excellent trout action for trollers after the 4,000-pound plant two weeks ago. The was just the first of six 4,000-pound plants this season. Fish to eight pounds are slated to be in each load and rainbows to six pounds were caught this past week by trollers fishing the west end of the lake. Shore anglers managed a fair number of fish on Power Bait and nightcrawlers in the marina and HarveyÃs Cove. Boat anglers fishing Santa Cruz Bay and Cachuma Bay are also getting fish on fly-lined cut mackerel and nightcrawlers. The fish have gone a little deeper as the water cools, but still lots of 3-pound class fish.

CASITAS: The bass action remains fair to good but the bulk of the action is now in 30 or more feet of water and the shad have also moved deep and are suspended. The best bite has been on plastic and nightcrawlers, but more and more anglers are spooning in 40 to 60 feet of water around shad balls and getting bass. Catfish bite has been fair in deeper water.

CASTAIC: Striper bite has been good, but mostly on smaller fish to 6 pounds in 40-feet of water at the dam, Kong Island and at the buoy line. A few catfish are also showing for bait anglers. For the largemouth, the best action has been on nightcrawlers, jerkbaits, and plastics in the backs of the coves. Trout have been pretty good for shore anglers near the launch ramp.

LOPEZ: Fair to good bass bite on cranks and reaction baits. The catfish bite has been good on fly-line cut baits. The panfish bite is fair to good.

NACIMIENTO: Very light fishing pressure with pretty good spotted bass action on nightcrawlers and jumbo red worms.

PIRU: The largemouth bass bite has been fair to good on plastics and reaction baits. The average fish is from one to two pounds, but bass to seven pounds have been reported. A few catfish reports, but no reports on crappie this week.

PYRAMID: DFW trout plants last week and three weeks ago. Fair to good trout bite. Fair catfish bite in the main channel by the gate house and in most of the deeper coves and bays. The best bite has been on nightcrawlers, blood worms, and cut baits. The largemouth bass bite has been fair to good all over the lake.

SAN ANTONIO: Little fishing pressure and few reports. Catfish bite is probably the best bet. Black bass are fair.

SANTA MARGARITA: Very little fishing pressure again this week. Fair to good and catfish from the few reports coming in. The largemouth bite is best on nightcrawlers and plastics, but there really have been too few reports to discern any patterns. No reports on panfish.

Trout plants

KERN: Brite Valley Reservoir, Kern River (sections 0, 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5).

TULARE: Kern River (section 5).

Ocean report

LONG RANGE ON BIG TUNA: The 12-day and longer trips are focusing on the big tuna grounds off the tip of Baja while hitting some spots on the ride south. The Royal Polaris just finished up a trip with several yellowfin tuna over 200 pounds and another batch from 150 to 190. Stacy Enns, Bakersfield, set her personal best for yellowfin with a 207 pounds along with several others over 100.

ROCKFISH NEARSHORE AND OFFSHORE: With cooling water conditions, the surface season is pretty much over and the entire fleet fishing along the Southern California coast is focusing on the good bottomfish action. The rockfish bite is good from San Diego up into the Channel Islands and at all the offshore islands. The half- and three-quarter day boats have been getting half- to three-quarter limits.