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Men's Health

Men's Health magazine has ranked Bakersfield America's drunkest city.

We're not sure exactly why, but the December issue of Men's Health magazine ranks Bakersfield as America's drunkest city.

"It sounds like a Merle Haggard song: Blue collars, beer, and bad decisions. But that's business as usual in Bakersfield, California, home of great country music -- and a collective boozy breath that blows it to the top of America's most dangerously drunk cities," the magazine said.

Men's Health didn't explain its methodology, but some of the magazine's previous Metrograde surveys have been far from scientific. And as of Nov. 18, the link provided in the story for "full rankings" leads to a completely different survey. So, take the ranking with a grain of salt (or maybe grains if you're drinking from a salted margarita glass as you read this).

Bakersfield ranked last of 100 cities nationwide. San Antonio, Texas, ranked 99th. Other California cities in the bottom 10 were Stockton (98), San Bernardino (96) and Fresno (95).

Salt Lake City was ranked No. 1, or "Stone-Cold Sober."