Bowlers and non-bowlers, young and old, came out Saturday to AMF Southwest Lanes to pay tribute to the late Annie Schierlitz, who was the youth coordinator at AMF Southwest Lanes by doing what she so dearly loved seeing, having adults and junior bowlers pair up, and bowl a tournament!

Annie was always putting together an adult-jr. tournament to bring families together as well as give young bowlers a chance to bowl with some of the top adult bowlers in our town. It was a good mix and again this year proved to be a popular event.

This year's event had two squads. We had 30 doubles teams participate, and the event raised over $1,550 which will be turned over, in Annie's name, to the local Golden Empire United States Bowling Congress Youth Bowling program. To date, this event has raised over $13,000 for this purpose.

A couple of firsts happened this year. Trophies were awarded through fifth place rather than just recognizing the top three teams as in years past. Also, we had, not one, but two ties. There was a tie for first place as well as for fifth. The first-place tie required a 9th and 10th frame roll-off so the tournament champions could be determined.The two top teams--John Theirolf/Nicole Tweedy and Bette Addington/Adam Waybright took the challenge on the competition was tight but Nicole Tweedy threw the strike that sealed the deal for team Thierolf/Tweedy to emerge as this year's champions.

Notable scores for the day (not listed on top winner's list) from junior bowlers: Mason Hamlin, 7, shot a high scratch game of 150, a high handicap game of 266 and high handicap series of 692. Champion Nicole Tweedy had a high scratch game of 182. And, Zack Long had a high scratch series of 507. For male adult bowlers, Bill Bumacod had a high scratch game of 263 and high scratch series of 667. Mike Mayo had a high scratch game of 258. Rick Bowman had a high scratch game of 247 and high scratch series of 674. Mike Long had a high scratch game of 237 and high scratch series of 642. And, Andrew Svoren, our 2012 Youth Champion, had a high scratch series of 687. For the women, Bette Addington had high scratch game of 216 and high scratch series of 612. Angel Jensen had a high scratch game of 205 and high scratch series of 507.

Tournament results

1. John Thierolf & Nicole Tweedy (1383)

2. Bette Addington & Adam Waybright (1383)

3. Rick Bowman & Sarah Waddle (1367)

4. Gary Cole & Nicole Tweedy (1353)

5. Bill Bumacod & Alayna Ellington (1349)

5. Matt Sanchez & Jasmine Sanchez (1349)

High Adult scratch series -- Mike Mayo (697)

High Junior scratch series -- Nicole Tweedy (521)

High Adult scratch game -- Andrew Svoren (266)

High Junior scratch game -- Zack Long (180)

High Adult handicap series -- Michael Long (738)

High Junior Handicap Series -- Ryan Gross (698)

High Adult Handicap Game -- Bill Bumacod (271)

High Junior Handicap Game -- Mason Hamlin (266)

Special thanks to our event sponsors this year who made this event the success it was: Rodriguez & Associates, Corvettes of Bakersfield, GASSCO, Scott Bomar Machine, Keleher's Certified Shorthand Reporters, the Bowler's Edge Pro Shop and Kern Trophies. Tournament Committee was Bette Addington, Sheilah Bomar, Don Snow, Tammy Waddle, Russ Tweedy and Gary Cole along with Veronica Davis and Tammy Sibley.

Remembering Wally Swan

The local bowling community was shocked when the news of losing Wally Swan, 69, on Nov. 7. Swan was inducted into the Golden Empire United States Bowling Congress Hall of Fame in 2004 for Superior Performance. Swan was nominated for this honor by Don Michael Snow and the Snow family was more than gracious to share some of their fond memories of Wally Swan.

Don L. Snow said that Wally started bowling around the age of 9. Swan's dad serviced pin ball machines and recalled Wally was "a master at pin ball, then to bowling." Swan bowled at Bakersfield Bowling Academy, Freddie's Top of the Hill, Westchester Lanes, Rodeway/Regency, East Hills and Southwest Lanes. He bowled with many local greats--Don Glover, Dale McVey, Bud Hannaman, Jim Trino, Gene McMahan, David McMahan, Glen Allison, Lee Patterson, Greg Knight, Leon Stroope, J.P. Martinez, Reny Menis, Sam Ayres, Roger Long, Randy Page, Diz Francisco, Julian Martinez, Darby Elsberry and both Don and Don Michael Snow, just to name a few!

His unorthodox/signature approach was he walked left and take a huge hop right when he released the ball which gave him the nick-name of "Wally Hop."

He entered every national, state and city tournament each year until he retired and won many scratch awards from bowling at these events.

His idols were Earl Anthony, Dick Weber and Don Johnson.

He bowled locally for at least 45 years and served as president of every scratch league he was involved with (Bakersfield Bowling Academy and Freddies). His bowling career ended around 1996 or 1997 when he blew out his knee bowling in an adult-youth event.

An amazing fact about his bowling career that Don shared was "when Wally left bowling he was still using plastic and hard rubber bowling balls." He had many 300 games and two 800 series "with hard rubber and plastic bowling balls!" Don Michael added, "Wally was the first Bakersfield bowler that bowled a certified sanctioned 800 series. I remember Wally telling me he had to throw all three strikes in the 10th frame to achieve the 800."

"Wally had numerous friends that were very proud to call him friend. He had a quick wit, huge smile and an enormous heart. He was a fierce competitor--especially with himself--and a huge supporter for his teammates."

Swan was a self-employed accountant here in Bakersfield for 45 years and died of complications from back surgery in Los Angeles. His services were Saturday. In lieu of flowers, the family requests donations to USC Keck Hospital in Wally's memory: Keck Medical Center of USC, c/o Mary Byrne, 1510 San Pablo St., Los Angeles, CA 90033-5405. For condolences, please visit

Bowling Tech: Bowler's Thumb

The dreaded "bowler's thumb". Ever wonder how some bowlers continually tear their thumb up while others don't?

There are a lot of contributing factors to how much pressure your thumb feels at the release or even in the arm swing.

If you have to continually squeeze the ball at the bottom of the swing because you feel like it's going to fall off, there's a problem. If the ball continually launches in the air at the release point because it hangs up every time, there's a problem. At the bottom of the swing as the ball comes off your hand, it all starts with the thumb and this needs to be a smooth transition in order to be consistent. There are many bowler's aides as far as different types of tape corks cushions skin protector. But, in the long term, the span, pitches, size, oval and even texture needs to be corrected to have fun with the game.

A quick check list for each bowler--do you have to squeeze your thumb too hard just to hold on to the ball? Every time you let go of the ball, do you feel the ball tugging on your thumb as you let go? Does the ball just feel too heavy for your hand, elbow, wrist or shoulder? If yes, have it checked out and get re-measured. The game is supposed to be fun!

Weekly super scores

Congratulations to Alex Garcia on bowling a 300 game on Tues., Nov. 5 in the Mexican-American league at Regency Lanes. This was his fourth perfecto. This is his first year back bowling regularly on a league after being off for several years.