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David Valadao

Here's a look at some of the questions and answers seen recently on Facebook.com/BakersfieldCalifornian.

What do you think about to represent the family of one of the victims in the Sheraton shooting?

Nancy Longbottom Dedo -- "I think the "victim" shouldn't have been associated with a person willing to shoot at police. It's a tragedy that life was lost, but he put himself in the situation."

John Keyes -- "Who is paying?"

Ritch Murrell -- "Must be a lot of potential money involved if this guy is taking the case. I doubt it is pro bono."

Dan Hedgpeth -- "Ambulance chasing lawyer - what else is new?"

Do you travel to another neighborhood to trick-or-treat?

Tanya Whitehouse -- "We go around our neighborhood. There are usually 10-12 houses that give candy. They get several handfuls of candy. That's more than they'll really eat, anyway."

Kara Cooper Doyle -- "I understand that some neighborhoods are too dangerous for kids to go door-to-door, but I find myself resenting the numerous vans loaded with dozens of people that pull up to my curb. These families often show up later in the evening because they've already been to several other neighborhoods around town, and their pillow cases are almost completely filled when they make it to my door. I often see them eating candy as they go, and dropping their trash in their wake, or throwing their trash out of their vehicles and onto our streets (after all, THEY don't have to clean up the mess!). I don't mind giving non-neighborhood kids candy on Halloween, provided that these visitors respect our neighborhood and the people in it, but they don't. All they care about is the free candy."

Johnny Sludge -- "My neighborhood is always dark and boring so I most likely would go somewhere else if I still trick or treated or had kids. Plus I don't really like my neighbors so I wouldn't want their candy, hahaha!"

New York City is raising the age to buy tobacco products to 21 years old. What do you think: Good or bad idea and why?

Donna Lyman Semar -- "Then raise the age of voting to 21 along with the age to be tried as an adult. Don't forget to raise the age to enlist in the service to 21."

Orlando Subia -- "You mean the fact a pack costs $11 didn't work?"

Margarito Espinoza -- "Voting and being tried in the court of law don't necessarily kill people like cigarettes & I'm pretty sure people pay to smoke versus getting paid to enlist, so connecting those dots is a stretch to say the least. ..."

Right or wrong? Republican Congressman David Valadao bucks party leadership and backs Democratic colleague's immigration bill saying "Addressing immigration reform in the House cannot wait."

Christopher Smith -- "Giving the 80 Million American's that are unemployed the finger, can not wait. See how that works out. Thanks for the 3rd World Labor Rates, 3rd World Unemployment, to go with the 3rd World Medicare."