Kern County Sheriff's Department officers teamed with Kern County Fire Department firefighters on Saturday to rescue an injured mountain biker in an inaccessible off-road area in Kernville.

According to Kern County Fire Department Engineer Michael Nicholas, county firefighters responded shortly before 12 p.m. to reports of an injured mountain biker near Wagy Flat Road.

Firefighters were able to reach the biker, a man, but the area was too wild for them to carry him to safety.

A Kern County Sheriff's Department helicopter responded and airlifted the man out in what's commonly called a Stokes basket -- a portable litter sturdy enough to carry a person, but lightweight enough to be hoisted by helicopter.

Once the Kern County Sheriff's helicopter flew the man to safety, he was transferred to a medical helicopter and flown to a nearby hospital, according to Nicholas, who declined to discuss the man's condition or reveal his identity because of privacy concerns.

-- The Californian