Taft College is dedicating a new Center for Independent Living complex for its Transition to Independent Living Program 11 a.m. Friday at 29 Emmons Park Drive in Taft.

The building is 24,000 square feet andcost $15.1 million, which includes a redesign of the campus entrance andparking lot.

The Transition to Independent Living program is a post-secondary educational experience for adults with developmental disabilities. The program provides instruction, job training and support on campus.

Samantha Barton, 10, was honored at the Rosedale board of trustees meeting Tuesday night for raising the money with a lemonade stand at a local park.

In Samantha's family, children are asked to pick a charity to support every year on their birthday. Samantha chose the Centennial Elementary School library's books and materials acquisition fund.

Following an outcry over school district borrowing that led to exorbitant taxpayer obligations across the state, Gov. Jerry Brown has signed AB 182 restricting the use of capital appreciation bonds.

The new law establishes parameters for the issuance of any local education bonds that allow for the compounding of interest, including capital appreciation bonds.

In most instances, there will be a maximum term of 25 years and the total debt payments for each bond series will be limited to no more than four times the principal amount.

American adults are below the international average when it comes to skills needed to compete in a global economy , according to a new study of reading and math skills.

The Programme for the International Assessment of Adult Competencies conducted a Survey of Adult Skills that looked at people aged 16 to 65 in 24 countries. It found Americans were woefully behind in all categories.

The adults who took a 90-minute test on a computer were from mostly industrialized countries. China, Brazil and India -- major centers of growth in the global economy -- did not participate.

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A new study finds teachers need to thread the needle between chilly distance and overexposure of their own foibles if they want to gain the confidence of their students and avoid disruptions in the classroom.

The study, "The Relationship of Instructor Self-Disclosure, Nonverbal Immediacy, and Credibility to Student Incivility in the College Classroom," was published online Wednesday in the National Communication Association's journal, Communication Education.

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-- Courtenay Edelhart, Californian staff

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