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Jamie Butow, Californian community engagement coordinator.

The government shutdown -- or slimdown, whatever you want to call it -- is obviously provoking a lot of discussion.

Here's a sampling of comments on a recent article on a Highway 65 gas pipeline project that's on hold because federal workers are on furlough.

"Be sure and call up Rep. McCarthy to thank him for creating this mess." -- Daleman

"I'd sooner thank him for sticking to representing the will of the voters, those who took back the House by electing candidates to do one thing, and one thing only -- flush the unaffordable Obamacare down the toilet, a fact that is reflected in the polls showing the majority of Americans wanting for that to happen. And the Democrats have the nerve to blame Republicans for the shutdown?

"How about they back off for once and understand that they didn't have to shut down government if only they would realize they got spanked last time, and will get spanked again next time, for a government gone wild?

"After all, have you seen the recent rash of corporate layoffs, cutbacks and ditching of insurance coverage precisely because of Obamacare? THIS is why we elected lawmakers -- to head off the inevitable train wreck." -- Defensor Vitae

"Government should re opened quickly as possible. Policy issues should be challenged in elections. Primary duties of these congress men are to run the government." -- kurian

"What many people don't understand is that the budget talks going on now and the debt limit coming up at the end of the month, are two different animals.

"If Obama would agree to eliminating the Affordable Care Act, What's to stop a demand to get rid of Social Security during the debt limit debate.

"And a demand to get rid of Medicaid during the next round of talks.

"Keep the budget clean.

"Pass a new debt limit that will work for a year, not a couple of months.

"President Obama, DON'T GIVE AN INCH!" -- Gary Kozy

Over on Facebook, readers are commenting on legislation signed into law by Gov. Jerry Brown that prohibits companies from adopting policies banning employees from performing CPR. This is a response to an incident at Bakersfield's Glenwood Gardens nursing facility last February when an elderly woman collapsed and an employee refused to perform CPR on her, citing company policy. The woman later died.

"I think that is one bill of Jerry Brown I am supporting!!! Unless someone has in their power of attorney not to do CPR it should always be done no matter of any company's policy!!!!" -- Shelly Bebout Callaway

"If the Governor is going to make CPR mandatory, then the bill should also provide protection to the person and the company they are employed by if doing CPR is not a part of their normal job. There is a risk of civil action against an individual that performs CPR. Good Samaritan laws have been undermined by the courts. One of the reasons for some employment policies to ban CPR is due to that legal exposure. That legal exposure can kill a small business. This is a much more complex than just saying you must perform CPR." -- Sharon Girod

"Aren't the wishes of the patient paramount in any emergency?" -- Audrey Baker

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Jamie Butow is the community engagement coordinator for The Network. Email her at Follow her at, and on Twitter@JamieButow.