A 26-year-old Bakersfield man charged with murder after fatally shooting his ex-girlfriend's boyfriend after a fight in June of last year has been found guilty of voluntary manslaughter.

The verdict in the case of Al Lee Bradley was returned earlier this week and sentencing is scheduled for Oct. 22. He faces up to 11 years in prison.

Police reports filed in court say Bradley shot 31-year-old Ricky Wofford, followed the injured man and then fired again at point-blank range. Wofford was struck in the neck and face and bled to death.

The events leading up to the June 24 shooting began with an ugly custody dispute between Bradley and ex-girlfriend Francesca Kindred in December 2011, according to the reports.

The reports say that on the day of the shooting Kindred arrived at Bradley's residence with Wofford and a female friend to talk about his demand that the children spend the summer with him. Bradley and Kindred argued over the custody situation, and then Wofford got involved.

The two men exchanged words and Bradley threw a punch at Wofford, the reports say. A fistfight ensued and Wofford gained the upper hand, knocking Bradley to the ground and threatening to kill him.

Bradley got away and went inside his residence. He came back out armed with a shotgun.

The reports say Bradley told police he killed Wofford because he was afraid Wofford would return and harm either him or his children.