Today's the day the Kern County Board of Supervisors are scheduled to do a final review of their 2013-2014 budget. It's likely they will approve it.

Most of the controversial issues in the budget have been resolved over the past seven months as the county has developed, modified and adapted its official spending plan for the current fiscal year.

The total budget for the county - including federal and state funding and general county revenues -- is $2.6 billion.

County officials are dipping into reserves to fund priorities and using new state and federal programs to add staffing.

The county is adding 75 positions using new federal and state revenue from prison realignment and Affordable Care Act.

The county has been hit by a drop in property tax revenues, $18.6 million of loss from Kern Medical Center and has a ton of other challenge facing it in coming years including the cost to run KMC, the cost to build a new jail, construction of a new animal control shelter facility and a host of other costs.