A man threatened sheriff's deputies with knives Monday morning in Oildale.

At about 11:52 a.m. Kern County Sheriff's Department deputies went to an apartment complex off Beardsley Avenue after a call that a man was attempting to die by suicide.

When deputies arrived they heard loud yelling and screaming coming from the apartment where the man was at with an unknown female, sheriff's spokesman Ray Pruitt said. As deputies set up a perimeter, the man ran out of his apartment holding two knives, threatening the deputies.

He then ran back inside the apartment and the female ran outside and deputies were able to remove her from the area unharmed. As deputies approached the front door of the man's apartment, they began to talk to him in hopes that he would lower the knives.

He eventually put down the knives but he put up a fight with deputies as they tried to arrest him, Pruitt said. A taser was used, Pruitt said.

The man was arrested on suspicion of false imprisonment, making terrorist threats, spousal abuse and brandishing a weapon.