Q: Just how far into the "future" are we talking about for this Cruz Thru car wash at the corner of Gosford Road and District Boulevard? This preview billboard hasn't budged for years.

-- Jolie Brouttier

Not very far at all, according to Joanna Smith, assistant director of operations for Cruz Thru.

The company expects to break ground on the project within the next 30 days, she said, and it's tentatively scheduled to open in the spring of 2014.

Q: What are they building on Buena Vista Road next to the Taco Bell?

-- Kimberley Wright

A: That's a new branch of the Kern Schools Federal Credit Union. According to Michael George, senior vice president, operations and marketing, the branch is expected to open in early November.

Kern Schools will have eight branches in Bakersfield and one in Tehachapi after a series of relocations and openings that are in the works.

A full-service branch opens near Rosedale Highway and Allen Road Sept. 3 and at Stockdale Highway and Gosford Road Sept. 16, he said. The Ming Avenue location is being relocated to Buena Vista.

Q: Who is in charge of making sure the trees along the bike path, especially those along The Park at Riverwalk area, are getting watered?

Several trees are dead or dying. The water wells under the trees are flat, or are not built up for holding water. They have holes and areas where the water runs out, which is a great waste of water. Some of the valves are plugged, also.

Aren't there maintenance people getting paid to drive around and check these out?

-- Richard Williams

A: According to Darin Budak, the assistant director of the city's Recreation and Parks Department, the trees along the Kern River Parkway Bike Trail are regularly watered by the city's irrigation system.

The trees, and the irrigation system that waters them, are maintained by the Recreation and Parks Department.

"We try to leave (the trees) as natural as possible," Budak said. "We have to get in there on a regular basis, I would say at least twice a year and as needed, for branches that break."

Budak said he'll have Recreation and Parks staffers examine the condition of the irrigation valves in the Riverwalk area, but he cautioned that summers in Bakersfield can leave us all a little thirsty -- plants included.

"It's just that time of year," Budak said. "Across the city, you're going to see most trees are showing some kind of stress. It's the hot time of year."

Q: The river between the stables off Manor Drive is a stagnant, brackish, icky cesspool. This can't be a healthy situation, especially during West Nile season. Who is responsible for keeping the river flowing?

-- Barbara Braid

A: Art Chianello, manager of Bakersfield's Water Resources Department, responds: "It is a dry year, so apparently low flows are causing stagnant water in certain areas. We have informed Kern County Vector Control, and they have been out to the site several times controlling potential mosquito issues."

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