A Bakersfield College student who claimed she was sexually assaulted twice by a man on campus last week has recanted, saying the sex was consensual.

At 1:09 p.m. Tuesday, BC reported the student’s claim. But by 5 p.m. the college said Bakersfield police had determined that a crime had not been committed.

The female student said she was approached by the man on the north side of the Student Services building last Wednesday afternoon. She said the suspect walked her to the GET bus stop on Panorama Drive, then to the Fine Arts building, where he sexually assaulted her in a men’s restroom.

The woman claimed that some time after the first assault she left the building and encountered the man again and was assaulted a second time, in a men’s room of the Student Services building, she said.

The woman initially provided cops with a very detailed description of her alleged assailant.

Amber Chiang, BC spokeswoman, said earlier Tuesday that the woman was attending summer school and had talked to a mental health professional on campus after the supposed attacks.

Chiang said the woman had walked around campus with officers and showed them exactly where was taken by the suspect.

The woman also said she saw the man at the Campus Center around 11 a.m. a day after the alleged incidents.

Bakersfield Police Department spokeswoman Michaela Beard said no charges will be filed against the woman.