An autopsy Thursday revealed the wife allegedly shot by her attorney husband died of complications from the gunshot wound and the manner of death was homicide.

Trivia Jean Madrigali, 51, was shot June 12 at her home in the 1200 block of Telegraph Avenue. She died Wednesday morning.

Madrigali's husband, Mark Joseph Madrigali, has pleaded not guilty to charges of attempted murder, assault with a gun and spousal abuse. He's being held on $1,525,000 bail.

Prosecutors may file different charges against Madrigali now that his wife's death has been ruled a homicide.

Police reports quote Mark Madrigali, 57, as calling the shooting an accident. He has declined an interview request from The Californian.

Officers smelled alcohol on Mark Madrigali's breath after arriving at the home the night of the shooting, the reports said. Trivia Madrigali was found lying on the floor covered in blood, with a spent shotgun shell next to her.

- The Californian