So far Bakersfield hasn't hit any record highs during this week of scorching heat, but Wednesday the city saw an unofficial record for the "coolest" it was that day -- 81 degrees.

The previous record high minimum for July 3 was 79 degrees, said National Weather Service meteorologist Gary Sanger. The record is unofficial until confirmed at 1 a.m. Thursday.

While not record-breaking, it's been plenty hot. Temperatures reached 105 degrees Wednesday, with a high of 109 expected for Thursday.

Temperatures are expected to gradually cool through the rest of the week. Friday's forecast calls for a high of 104, then 100 on Saturday and 99 on Sunday.

"Unfortunately we don't see anything the next day or two that's going to break the heat," Sanger said.

This heat wave is a little early but not uncommon for July, he said.

Some areas across the state have hit record temperatures, Sanger said. Redding had a record high temperature of 116 Tuesday, breaking the 111-degree high set for that day in 1950.

Modesto and Sacramento both recorded record high minimum temperatures during the week.

Sanger said people who have to be outdoors should wear light, loose-fitting clothing, stay hydrated and try to keep in the shade as much as possible. Activities should be done in the morning if possible when it's cooler outside, and pet owners should make sure their animals have access to shade and lots of water.

Also, never leave anyone unattended in a vehicle, Sanger said.