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Photo courtesy of Jeanette Cantrell

"The Summer of Joanie and Bobo," written by sisters Jeanette Cantrell, Jean Knutson and Aileen Layon. Cantrell will sign copies of the book Saturday at Russo's Books.

Retired teacher Jeanette Cantrell fondly recalls growing up on a farm with her sisters. She and sisters Jean Knutson and Aileen Layon recount the true story about a pig Cantrell raised as a child in "The Summer of Joanie and Bobo." Cantrell will sign copies of the book at an event Saturday afternoon at Russo's Books.

In the children's book, Joanie, a sensitive little girl growing up on a farm in North Dakota, experiences a very special summer. From a litter of pigs, she rescues an ailing piglet. With careful nursing and help from her family, Joanie rears the pig she names Bobo. A unique bond grows among the child, pig and the two family dogs. Being raised with dogs as companions, Bobo develops canine-like behavior along with his natural hog instincts.

Although Bobo is a major part of Joanie's life this particular summer, she also has fun with friends and cousins. She interacts with her compassionate parents and uncles, revealing strong farm family ties at a time when life was difficult in some ways and simpler in others.

-- News release from Jeanette Cantrell