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LA Weekly

LA Weekly reviews Picon Punch served at three Bakersfield Basque restaurants.

LA Weekly loves to rave about Bakersfield's ethnic cuisine and the publication is taking yet another spin through town, this time sharing tips on something with a truly local flavor: picon punch.

Reviewer Lesley Jacobs Solmonson says the traditional Basque drink packs a punch but notes that locals know it simply as a "Picon."

"Bako's Basque community is fiercely loyal -- to each other and to the tradition of sipping Picon Punch," Solmonson notes. "If you happen to find yourself day-tripping or driving through town, you would be well served stopping by for a hearty Bako Basque meal (at noon and 7 sharp); if food isn't in the cards, at least swing by for some bibulous nourishment at one or all of the local favorites -- Wool Growers, Pyrenees and the Noriega Hotel."