Q: Are there any plans for a right-turn-only lane on Stockdale Highway west at Gosford and Coffee roads to turn north? There is always a huge traffic backup at that intersection! This would move traffic at faster speed and would keep cars from backing up for blocks in the far lane.

-- Rick Giachino

A: Ryan Starbuck, traffic engineer for the city of Bakersfield, has the answer: "Yes! The vacant lot at the northeast corner of Stockdale Highway and Gosford Road recently went through a General Plan amendment and zone change to allow the property to be developed as an office/commercial center. The start of construction on the property is currently unknown. However, when the project does begin, the property owner will dedicate the land needed for the right-turn lane to the city and construct the lane as part of the required mitigation for the project."

Q: On Highway 155 in Delano from Lexington Street to Albany Street, who is responsible for taking care and maintaining it? When will it be repaired?

-- Stuart Collins

A: Roman Dowling, Delano public works director, responds: "Highway 155 in Delano from Lexington to Albany: Half of this section is maintained by Caltrans, from Lexington Street to Ellington Street. A schedule for maintenance would have to be obtained from Caltrans directly.

"The other half of this section of road is maintained by the city of Delano Public Works Department, from Ellington to Albany. This section was repaved in 2007 and is still in good condition."

Q: I notice a radio (AM/FM/XM) dead spot on eastbound Stockdale Highway just west of Fairway Drive. Due south, there's a similar spot on Ming Avenue.

Is there a microwave beam running through there? What else might it affect?

-- Gerald V. Todd

A: Bruce Romano of the Federal Communications Commission in Washington, D.C., replies: "The Media Bureau has declined to speculate on this. (There is an) incomplete variety of possibilities that it would be irresponsible to guess at without more information."

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