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Autumn Parry / The Californian

Eddie Rivas (right) listens to the judge speak during his arraignment at Kern County Superior Court earlier this month. Rivas is being charged with murder, assaulting a police officer and battery of an inmate.

Clara Rivas smelled a foul odor coming from her garage and decided to clean it with the help of her boyfriend.

They began moving items around and came to a large, rolled-up rug. Rivas asked her boyfriend, Alejandro Sanchez, to move it so they could continue searching for the source of the smell.

Sanchez tried to shift the rug but couldn't budge it. He looked in the hole at one end of the rug and could make out a shoe inside.

Sanchez hugged Rivas and ushered her out of the garage while telling her they needed to call 911 because he'd found a body.

That's the account given in redacted Kern County Sheriff's Office reports that became available in Kern County Superior Court on Friday in connection with the case against Eddie Rivas. The son of Clara Rivas, Eddie Rivas has pleaded not guilty to murder and other offenses in the death of 18-year-old Mia Ramirez.

The body of Ramirez was found by Sanchez June 11, and deputies tracked down 20-year-old Eddie Rivas and took him into custody the same day. The Rivas family lives in the 900 block of Vista Street, south of Niles Street and west of Oswell Street.

Clara Rivas told detectives her son is bipolar and had been talking recently about hearing things other people couldn't hear, the reports say. He told her he wanted to die.

Clara Rivas said she had tried to get help for her son but wasn't able to because he wouldn't cooperate. She said he'd been in prison before and was a changed person after being released, the reports say.

Friends of Eddie Rivas told detectives that he was a heavy drug user and he spooked some of them by the way he acted, according to the reports.

A neighbor of the Rivas family said Eddie Rivas jumped a fence into her yard the morning of his arrest and dropped a knife while running away. Deputies collected the knife as evidence.

No motive is given in the reports. Ramirez suffered numerous gruesome injuries, including cuts on her neck down to the spine that nearly decapitated her, as well as deep cuts to her face and stab wounds to her lower abdomen.

Eddie Rivas seemed agitated and clenched his hands before an interview with detectives following his arrest. The reports said he told them he had little memory of any events other than that morning.

Rivas was vague in his responses, sometimes just nodding his head or shrugging his shoulders, according to the reports. He stared blankly at the detective questioning him and appeared angry.

At one point sheriff's officials removed Rivas' handcuffs. He threw punches at a detective before being driven to the ground and again restrained.

Rivas is being held on $1 million bail. A preliminary hearing is scheduled for July 15.