A 22-year-old woman died Friday night after she ran through a stop sign at South Vineland Road and Bear Mountain Boulevard and was hit by another vehicle, according to California Highway Patrol report.

Her passenger, and the driver who hit her, were taken to Kern Medical Center with major injuries.

The Kern County Sheriff's Coroner's Section reported that Hadie Gutierrez, 22, died just after 11 p.m. Friday at the scene of the crash.

The Highway Patrol report states that Gutierrez, and passenger Ashley Gonzalez, 23, were travelling north on South Vineland Road at a "high rate of speed" when Gutierrez drove her vehicle through the stop sign at Bear Mountain Boulevard just a few miles west of Arvin.

Sinarin Pang, 24, was driving east on Bear Mountain at around 50 miles per hour, according to the Highway Patrol report, and slammed into the driver's side of Gutierrez's vehicle.

She died at the scene.

Pang and Gonzalez were taken to Kern Medical Center.