Summer bowling ball leagues look to be the choice of local bowlers. What's better than bowling a summer league and receiving a new bowling ball at the league's end? These leagues are short (15 weeks) and open to new and regular league bowlers. Don't have a team? There are openings for individuals and it's a great way to meet new friends!

AMF Southwest Lanes Super Ball league started May 16, with 18 teams and room for a few more. League bowls at 7 p.m. Thursday nights, teams are trios and cost is $16 per week per bowler. Call AMF Southwest at (661) 834-2695 for further information.

Mega Ball Taft bowlers at West Side Lanes have already been bowling for five weeks with 48 bowlers.

Regency Lanes' Mega Ball: The 18th annual league hits the floor tonight at 6:30 p.m. at Regency Lanes with a quick league meeting at 5:45 p.m. There are openings for individuals as well as teams. This league is also a trio league composed of adult mixed trios. This year's Mega Ball leagues will once again feature a big prize fund as well as each bowler receiving their bowling ball of choice. This league will also have an added level of excitement in the roll-off--the Mega Ball Taft league will send its best trio team to bowl in the Top 6 roll-off's first match against Regency's Mega Ball Wild Card team! In addition, this year's Mega Ball Sweeper at Regency Lanes will have nearly 150 bowlers as the Taft bowlers will join in on the final night Sweeper at Regency. This league is a handicapped mixed trio format giving each team the fair amount of handicap based on each bowler's average. With plenty of room for mixed trio teams as well as individual men and women. Show up tonight ready to bowl and we'll get you on a team! Flyers for Mega Ball and all leagues are at the front desk at your local centers. For further information on Mega Ball call Regency at (661) 325-6428 or Bowlers Edge Pro Shop at (661) 331-2695.

AMF Southwest Lanes: 3610 Wible Road -- (661) 834-2695

May 20: Swinging Seniors, at 1 p.m. (Mixed Fours). Monday Practice at 6 p.m. (Any Four)

May 24: Dixie at 6:30 p.m. (Mixed Fours)

Regency Lanes: 820 Real Road -- (661) 325-6428.

May 20: Regency Scratch League, 6:30 p.m., (Singles)

May 21: Mega Ball 2013, 6:30 p.m. (Mixed Trios)

May 23: Marge's Summer Social, 6:30 p.m. (Mixed Fours)

*Join a league at Regency this summer and get your practice at $1 per game.

Youth City Tourney postponed

The 8th annual Youth City Tournament that was originally scheduled for the weekend of May 18 & 19 at AMF Southwest Lanes has been postponed and will be rescheduled to a weekend after the summer leagues are all started. Check with our local GEUSBC website for further information at

Loss of 2 local icons

On April 16 we lost Earl Cummins. Earl and his wife, Evelene, have been a part of the local league bowling scene for years and were well known. Earl was 81.

On April 26, we lost Del "Lefty" Dryden. Del and his late wife Goldie, were also both very well known with local bowlers. Besides both being avid bowlers, Del owned D & G Pro Shop. "Even as a competitor in the pro shop business, he was still a friend and friendly competitor. I met him in the early '80s when I started bowling."--Mike Hefley. Del was 86.

State Women's 600 Club holds annual meeting, tournament

The CA State Women's 600 Club met on Saturday, May 18, at Porterville Lanes. Bakersfield 600 Club member, Deloris Tanabe attended and said an election was held and noted that 2014 will be the club's 60th year in existence! To commemorate this occasion, they plan to hold a tournament the weekend of April 12-13, 2014 in Pahrump, NV. Tanabe participated and won the tournament on Saturday!

MAMBO 2013 deadlines

Bowlers participating in the 2013 MAMBO Open which is taking place the weekend of July 12-14 at the South Point in Las Vegas, the deadline to get your entries paid in full is June 15th for this 14th annual event. Hotel deadline is June 10. For further information, contact Pete Montalvo at (916) 682-8362 or go to their website at

Bakersfield Scratch Trio League's roll-off

As the 2012-13 season came to an end, the Bakersfield Scratch Trio league (the only scratch league in Bakersfield) bowled its league roll-off on Monday night, May 6, at Regency Lanes to determine the league's champion team. Teams that had won each round composed the roll-off. The first match of the night was between Team 9 (Jack Dunn, Cody Lewis and Kent Gray) against Team 8 (Tim Henson, PD Richardson and Joe Ramirez). Although Richardson rolled a solid 240 game, it wasn't enough for his team as Team 8 was defeated by Team 9 603-655. Team 9 then went on to bowl against Team 1 (Mike Mayo, Mark Bess and Robert Mayo). Robert Mayo posted a nice 247 game, but so did Team 9's Cody Lewis. Team 1 still could not beat a steady Team 9 and lost 612-635. Team 9 then came up against Team 7 (Hector Santiago, Aris C. Anadilla and Aris Anadilla). Team 9's Kent Gray tried to hold Team 1 off with a nice 233 game, but Team 7 was just too tough to tackle and Team 9 lost 630-678. The final match of the night was between Team 7 and top-seeded Team 10 (Diz Francisco, Sean Ambrose and Zack Newman). Newman came out swinging with a nice 246 game but it wasn't enough to keep his team on top as Team 7 fired back with Santiago's 232, Aris C. Anadilla's 209 and Aris Anadilla's 236 to defeat and become the league champions 677-593.

The Bakersfield Scratch Trio league will return this fall for the 2013-14 season. If you are interested in bowling in this league, please contact Diz Francisco at (661) 599-3097.

2013 USBC National Convention recap

The 2013 USBC (United States Bowling Congress) 8th annual National Convention was held May 1-3 at the Silver Legacy in Reno. Here's a quick recap of what rules and amendments were passed or rejected that affect league bowling:

League Rule. Amendment No. LR-1 for Rule 104a -- Team Captain's Authority. Requires a team captain to furnish a removed member, as well as league board, good and sufficient cause for removal of said member. Rejected.

Tournament Rule. Amendment No. TR-1 for Rule 308 -- Distribution of Prize Funds. Requires rules for distribution of special prizes to be included in the tournament rules and if not, Rule 308 applies. Accepted.

Tournament Rule. Amendment No. TR-2 for Rule 319a -- Conditions that Apply. Allows for tournaments to have a rule allowing individuals who bowl with both hands to choose which hand they are going to use and all average information submitted will be for that hand. Rejected.

Bylaws. Amendment No. B4. Provides the USBC Board and Youth Committee the option of having a Youth Ambassador Director. Accepted.

Bylaws. Amendment No. B5. Removes the nine-year maximum for term limits on the national board. Rejected.

Bylaws. Amendment No. B7. Removes the maximum restriction on local dues and allows for the local board to determine the dues. Rejected.

California still leads the way for BVL (Bowlers to Veterans Link) and was the top state association once again with a contribution of $142,187.02. And, CA local association, Citrus Belt led the local association with a contribution of $21,321.30. Currently there are 22 million Veterans needing VA healthcare so the need for BVL is great and continues to be one of America's Best Charities and is recognized across the United States as the bowler's main charity.

League awards were also a hot topic at this year's convention. Chad Murphy, Managing Director of Youth Development said that 6,000 schools now have youth bowling programs. He also mentioned that league awards "are in transition". And, although nothing was offered as a solution for the future of league awards, it was concluded that local associations will be allowed to ask for more dues money and encouraged to have their own awards program.

For a complete review of all the Rules and Bylaws voted on, go to

Weekly super scores

Congratulations to Cody Lewis, who bowled a 296 game for his first game of the summer league season bowling in the Super Ball/Brunswick Ball league at AMF Southwest Lanes on Thursday night, May 16 with his Roto Grip ball.

Bowling calendar

May 30: Marge's Super Senior No-Tap Tournament, 1 p.m., Regency Lanes. For info, call 661/325-6428.