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The long-standing blood feud between the Hatfields and McCoys waged for more than 100 years and became the thing of legend before the two Kentucky and West Virginia families officially made peace in 2003.

And recent plans to capitalize on that history -- in part fueled by peace among the families and an award-winning mini-series --- have gone cold in Bakersfield. Yep, our Bakersfield.

According to The New York Times, a member of the Hatfield family is trying to clean up and restore his family cemetery so it can become a tourist destination, just as the McCoys have done with their family burial ground. Unfortunately, the West Virginia Division of Culture and History is having a hard time tracking down the cemetery owner. According to The Times:

"The department's most recent paperwork on the cemetery dates to October 1980, when Evelyn Gannon, then its owner, applied to have it listed on the National Register. At the time, Ms. Gannon listed an address in Bakersfield, Calif., as her primary residence. Efforts by the families and by The New York Times to reach her have been unsuccessful. The local tax assessor's office has no name on file associated with the property, which is not surprising; officials there said cemeteries were not subject to property tax."

Anyone in The Bakosphere have any ideas on where one might find this Evelyn Gannon and put this mystery to rest?