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Alex Horvath / The Californian

Kern County Sheriff's deputies and detectives work the site of a Sheriff officer involved shooting on 100 block of Woodrow Ave.

A man suspected of stabbing another man in Oildale has been shot and killed by a Kern County Sheriff’s Office deputy, said spokesman Ray Pruitt.

The suspect, Caleb Wade Blackburn, 33, died after being taken to Kern Medical Center. The man who was stabbed was taken to a local hospital with major injuries, Pruitt said.

The incident began at 4:46 p.m. in the 100 block of Woodrow Avenue just west of North Chester Avenue when deputies received reports of a stabbing victim, Pruitt said.

Deputies were on scene in one minute and found the stabbed man in front of an apartment building.

It appeared the man had been stabbed in the neck at least once, Pruitt said.

He said deputies were advised that a suspect in the stabbing was inside an apartment in the building. They went inside, got into a confrontation with Blackburn and Blackburn was shot at least once by a deputy, Pruitt said.

Authorities were fairly certain that Blackburn was the stabbing suspect. Pruitt didn’t know whether he was armed with a weapon.

Pruitt said the relationship between the stabbing victim and Blackburn was unclear. The age of victim was not known.

Deputies were interviewing multiple witnesses, who were being cooperative.

“We still have a lot of work to do” on the investigation,” Pruitt said.

Justin Root, who lives across the street from the shooting scene, said he and his cousin, Bret Martinez, had coincidentally stepped outside for a bite to eat when they saw a man in chair with his hands around his neck, “gushing blood,” Root said.

The bleeding man is known in the neighborhood as “No-Neck Dan,” Root said, and lives in the apartment where the suspect was shot.

A sheriff’s cruiser was parked in the street, Root said. Within seconds, he and Martinez heard a single gunshot. Other deputies had just arrived and rushed into the apartment with weapons drawn, Martinez said.

Trouble is common in the neighborhood, just west of North Chester Avenue and adjacent to Standard School District headquarters, Root said.

“This is a place (in which) I wouldn’t want to raise my kid,” he said. “There are always cop cars rolling down the street.”